Monday, October 29, 2012

Appreciate Your Staff The Wegman Way

What is your business' greatest resource?

Its location? Its size? Its technology? Hardly. Despite the value of all of these factors, the resource with the most potential to elevate and drive your business is its people. Whether it's the people on your front line or your back end, employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction, which leads to a business' success.

So how does a business create a pro-employee environment? At Wegman's Food Markets, a $5.15 billion supermarket chain with 35,000 employees and 80 stores in the northeast United States, you state your commitment to your workers in your tag line. Simple and powerful, Wegmans' philosophy is "Employees first, Customers second."

The philosophy has paid off as Wegmans has won hundreds of customer service, community and best place to work awards over the years. In fact, it's made Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list every year since it started in 1998. Wegmans' employee retention is also impressive at just 8 percent, half of the average for its industry. To attract and retain the best workers Wegmans relies on traditional methods - competitive pay, solid training and comprehensive benefits. But it goes further with values and best practices that make its stores a place employees love to work and customers love to shop. Here are some examples.

1. Training. Wegmans invests the necessary time to properly train its workers. Full-time employees' training averages around 6 months, and part-time employees' more than a month. In fact, Jo Natale, Wegmans director of media relations, says the store spends $1.5 to 2 million on labor costs in the six months prior to opening a new store. She says the company wants to be sure all employees have adequate time to participate in its onboarding programs, as well as live training in the store.

2. Communication: Communication is critical for building trust with your employees. Wegmans realizes this and aims to be transparent with its workers about its plans and strategies. "We don't ever want anything important happening that our employees don't hear first from us," said Natale. "We try to always give managers plenty of time to familiarize all staff with any changes so they aren't taken off guard." The strategy has been effective. In its best places to work poll, Fortune magazine asked employees, "Does management have a clear vision where it is going?" A whopping 96 percent of Wegmans employees answered yes. The dynamic builds trust with employees fulfilling their need for job security.

3. Invest in relationships: Wegmans leadership invest time and energy into developing relationships with its workers. For example, both HR executives and company leadership make frequent store visits to talk to its employees about their concerns and share best practices. "Relationships are certainly first and foremost for our business," Natale said. "The Wegman family are in our stores every week for a couple of days. It's important for them to make the personal connection so that the employees understand they are part of the Wegman family."

4. Manager Autonomy and Flexible Scheduling: Wegmans empowers its managers to work creatively and autonomously with its staff to meet their needs. For example, flexible scheduling, while often unheard of in retail, is standard at the stores. "Every time we poll our employees about what is most important to them on the job, flexible scheduling rises to the top," Natale said. "Whether it's the high school student that needs time off to work on a school play, or the retired teacher that wants to take line dancing classes, we work with our staff so they can have a work-life balance."

Greg Smith is a dynamic leadership speaker and organizational improvement consultant that has helped guide both small, medium and large organizations for over 25 years. If you want to select the right people, build effective teams, develop your managers, manage change and grow your business, we can help. Greg designs management training programs and action plans that transform businesses into best places to work. He is a motivational speaker and his keynotes leave a lasting positive impact on his audiences.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Function of Perception

The real understanding is to understand the mechanism as it is. It's worse to understand wrongly than to not understand at all. Thus someone may see someone else from some wrongful direction and thus see all they do as evil, or one can see what is actually going on. The misogynist types look at any part of the female mechanism with the eye toward demonization, and everything that is discovered gets misconstrued by being portrayed from the angle of the misogynist's interest: To damn everything that is found. This mechanism can be also stood on its head - by looking at all the misogynist's representation and finding the actual thing that it misrepresents.

Thus, a woman being beautiful can be misrepresented as vanity or as an attempt to manipulate men. One sees this misrepresentation and asks what it actually is portraying. From the perspective of the misogynist, anything the woman does is a function of evil, so he will look for any way that he can to misrepresent what the woman is doing as if it was something wrong. Based on his own portrayals, knowing this basic quantity of his perception, it then becomes possible to recognize what is actually going on behind his misrepresentation.

This misrepresentation function can be calculated out of the result to find the real situation. h(x)=f(g(x)): We see h(x) - the person's interpretation, g(x) is the function of what the person is describing or depicting, so g(x) - the actual phenomenon - is found by factoring f out of h.

Say someone thinks in terms of self-esteem and he feels that another person is lacking in self-esteem. We look at how this judgment is occasioned. One thinks that person who is being treated well by her partner has self-esteem and that person who does not lacks it. We get the judgment call ("she lacks self-esteem"); then we factor out the function of the person's perception (that someone who is in a bad situation lacks self esteem) and get the original fact of someone being in a bad situation. This is reverse functionality: You look at the judgment; factor out the person's perceptions; and then get the original event.

A Christian may claim that someone is prideful. How do they define prideful? In most cases, it is someone who follows anything other than their parish's party line. So when you hear a Christian claim that someone is prideful, we know that they are doing something other than what the parish wants them to do; which can be anything from cultivating knowledge and intelligence to producing art to having romantic relationships to wanting to make things better for other people on the planet.

A woman may think that another woman is a "slut." Whom would this woman be seeing as a slut? Probably someone who is sexually willing or enjoys sexuality. We factor out the judgment term and find the original fact: That the other woman is sexually willing or enjoys sex.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Educational Psychology for Organic Chemistry

Of all the sciences, there are some known to be far more challenging than others. Courses in general chemistry require an adept knowledge of algebra and mathematics along with the ability to apply such knowledge to physical systems. General physics takes this one step further, requiring a working knowledge of differential and integral calculus. Engineering raises the bar, demanding knowledge of deductive reasoning and higher order mathematics including differential equations and topology.

Even though courses in such subjects are challenging, there is one fundamental common denominator amongst them - mathematics. Bright students fair well because they've been learning the language of mathematics since first grade.

Organic Chemistry is different. It requires the learning of an "alien" language, which I often compare to Russian, along with fast-paced deductive reasoning in that language. Imagine taking Russian for the first time, studying for an exam, and learning in class that the midterm is a test of deductive reasoning requiring thought in Russian. Sounds like it would never happen, yes? Well, this is Organic Chemistry.

This course of logic based in visual-spatial learning with the intent of such learning to be applications to unknown problems requiring fast-paced deductive reasoning is taken by over one million students in the United States every year. It's not atypical for a class average grade to hover between 30-50%. Very bright students enroll in this course, and most of them receive an average grade of 38%. This is an immense shock to students accustomed to scoring at the high end of every other class they've taken.

Part of the problem is time management skills never having been developed, resulting in what I refer to as the "Drama of the Alarms." This is the series of "emergencies" that arise when the first three weeks of the quarter/semester are spent "coasting". When the first midterm arises, the student becomes serious and focuses exclusively upon the first midterm, ignoring everything else. Just before the first midterm, another "alarm" goes off, and the student realizes there is another impending exam. As soon as exam one is out of the way, the student "crams" for exam two. Just before exam two, the student "learns" (the syllabus never made it to the calendar) of another impending exam, takes exam two, and then crams for exam three.

Once the vicious cycle of the Drama of the Alarms is in motion, it's like a runaway freight train having acquired far too much momentum to stop. The drama continues until the end of the term, and costs the student one or more A-grades. Instead of learning time management skills, the student repeats the same pattern of behavior over and again until graduation.

Primary etiology of the "problem" in Organic Chemistry particularly is the comfortable habit of memorization used successfully to plan for examinations in virtually every other subject. This strategy fails in Organic Chemistry. Another factor is the deceptively simple nature of Organic Chemistry wherein one might look through notes, convince himself he knows the material only to learn days before a midterm that he's unable to work any of the problems successfully. The primary challenge is learning, and being expected to immediately rationalize in, this highly rigorous scientific visual-spatial language. There are no other university level courses like it, and Organic Chemistry routinely becomes a life-altering event.

The best teachers of Organic Chemistry are willing to do just about anything to get students to learn the subject. On one section of the blackboard, they write everything needed for student mastery of course objectives. They indicate memorization will be their demise, and that the only successful strategy is to develop skills in critical analysis and deductive reasoning, the very skills needed to excel in the MCAT. Exceptional teachers also take the time with each chapter of the textbook to apply principles learned to real-life problems of interest to the students. Finally, these amazing Organic Chemistry teachers make themselves available for review sessions either before a midterm or even on a weekly basis.

As teachers of Organic Chemistry, we cannot change the nature of the course and still maintain its integrity. This will never happen - it's a choice. We can, however, seek the advice of educational psychologists to learn how to get students to want to depart from the comfortable habit of memorization toward that of deductive reasoning, knowing the latter is what is expected on the MCAT. We can tell the students they have the choice of learning MCAT skills now with plenty of time to hone them, or they can obtain a C-grade in the course and hope that learning MCAT skills later might get them into some medical school.

Scare tactics are undesirable, however sadly they appear to work better than any method of positive reinforcement. There are many articles available on how to succeed in Organic Chemistry. Some are read whilst most are not. What little is read is hardly ever rendered to practice. Finally, nearly endless resources are available to promote student success in Organic Chemistry, however most are seldom utilized.

Educational psychology is a science, and this teacher of Organic Chemistry is appealing to educational psychologists for a viral strategy on how to effect permanent change in the outcome of undergraduate Organic Chemistry. Such change will necessitate addressing critical time-management issues. Also required will be introducing value to students so they choose to do what is harder (deductive reasoning) vs. what is comfortable (memorization). Indicating such skills will become immensely valuable on the MCAT appears like a logical approach, however the adversary here is the tendency toward procrastination. How many of us wait until April 10th to do our taxes?

This article is open ended. I am seeking the input of western educational psychologists, and am open to any suggestions that will empower students to pursue the study of Organic Chemistry with the intent of mastery rather than simply obtaining a passing grade. The time for bringing educational psychology into the university classroom with regards to this subject is long overdue.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Deciding Your Destiny Based on The Meaning of Dreams

The meaning of dreams is specific and can be accurately translated thanks to the extraordinary discoveries of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung. He was the only scientist who had the patience to look for the meaning of important images for all civilizations of the world. He could understand the mysterious meaning of the symbolic dream language and the psychology of dreams.

Carl Jung discovered that our dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, a mysterious organ that works like a natural psychotherapist. He concluded that the unconscious mind is God's mind, but he didn't have a religious attitude.

He considered the unconscious mind only as a good counselor for our conscience, even though he discovered that our conscience is one-sided because it works based on one psychological function well-developed and another one half-developed. We don't use the four psychological functions we have at our disposal:

Thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

We must develop our intelligence by developing the psychological functions that are not working in our conscience. This process of mind empowerment is carried on through dream translation. The unconscious mind explains to all dreamers everything about their psychological condition and what they have to do in order to find sound mental health, peace, and happiness.

I continued Jung's research from the point he had stopped. I discovered the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn't perceive because he was a cold scientist. He looked at the meaning of religion with scientific glasses.

I concluded that the ignorant and absurd human being must obey God's guidance in dreams instead of doing what his/her one-sided conscience desires.

I could understand God's revolt with the human race, without believing that God is evil because He is revolted with our evilness. I understood that God doesn't stop being saintly when He punishes us, because we are terrible sinners. God is our father. He cannot be indifferent to our mistakes.

I, who discovered this truth, had to obey God's guidance by staying far from the man I was in love with. I was forbidden to commit adultery. I obeyed this guidance against my will because I understood that I would never find peace and happiness based on my absurd desires.

From this example you can understand that obeying God's guidance is not a simple matter.

Everyone can easily eliminate their wild conscience when they obey God's guidance. However, nobody agrees with this obedience because everyone is a demon. Our demoniac nature is too strong. We are more controlled by our satanic anti-conscience than by our human conscience because we accept what is bad without fighting evilness.

This is why God cannot put an end to craziness, terror, violence, poverty, immorality, cruelty, hypocrisy, and greed.

Everybody believes in God only when they are suffering and they want to ask Him something. They say with faith and respect: "My God, please help me! Please, save me!"

However, when God tells them: "Accept a sacrifice for me, give your money to the poor, abandon your comfort zone, or change your plans", nobody wants to believe that God exists or that they will be punished because they are not doing what God demands from them.

Whenever God demands sacrifices, everybody says "I can't".

Then, they start thinking that perhaps God was created by the human imagination, perhaps nothing has any meaning, perhaps religion is just a fairy tale, and so on.

I had to be an exception and obey God's guidance, without being a coward like everyone in the hypocritical world.

Thanks to my total obedience to the divine guidance in dreams I could discover the anti-conscience, which is the wild side of the human conscience, and has satanic characteristics. The anti-conscience is violent, and feels pleasure with what is bad. It calms down with terror. This is why it is constantly trying to generate terror by generating mental illnesses within our conscience.

The evilness of the anti-conscience is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience by chance, before God's existence. God's conscience once was satanic too because the satanic anti-conscience is the mother of our reasoning system. We inherit this absurd and evil conscience in our brain because without it we cannot think.

This content must be transformed into human content during our lives. In other words, we live in order to learn the meaning of goodness and transform our satanic nature into human nature.

Now that God's existence and the satanic origin of the human conscience were scientifically proved, we will finally put and end to craziness and terror on Earth. These two important scientific discoveries will completely change the world.

Now that everyone can understand the dream language thanks to my simplifications and clarifications, everyone will learn Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation and find salvation. This valuable knowledge will put everyone into contact with God.

God will help everyone find sound mental health, peace, and happiness, and transform our living hell into a place where every individual will have the chance to evolve and attain spiritual perfection.

The meaning of dreams was devaluated by many distortions and suppositions. On the other hand, the materialistic and atheistic mindset of our historical time doesn't let you believe in God's existence.

This situation is gradually changing, but a process of transformation takes time.

You should be intelligent and study the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me today, without waiting for the global recognition of my discoveries. I already showed you that I have many enemies because I represent the end of hypocrisy, and everyone is afraid of the truth. On the other hand, our commercial world works based on competition.

I already told everyone numerous times that the dream language is bread and water for the world. I'm not anyone's competitor because I teach everyone everything I know. Thus, everyone can become a professional dream translator like me and use this knowledge to their advantage.

However, nobody pays attention to my white flag.

You should understand the value of dream therapy today, and start transforming your personality without wasting time.

You'll become a scientist, an inventor, an artist, and a philosopher, and attain higher levels of knowledge. You'll solve all problems based on the unconscious guidance. This knowledge will be your best tool in life.

You only have to study the dream language with the same seriousness you study a foreign language when you have to live in another country. You'll have this precious knowledge for life. You'll use it to solve your personal problems, and you'll also help many other people.

The divine unconscious mind helps you find your perfect match, make good friends, become more intelligent and sensitive, influence others, make money, use all of your brain power, discover the spiritual dimension of your reality, and a lot more.

If you are following my lessons you know that I'm a very serious person. I worked very hard during 19 years before assuring you that you can trust the scientific method of dream interpretation and truly believe in the unconscious guidance.

You can learn the basics about the meaning of dreams thanks to my free lessons online. I give you important lessons because you must be able to evaluate how really helpful the accurate dream translations are in order to trust this method.

However, the dream language is a language like all the other languages made only by words, with the difference that it is made only by images. You have to seriously study this language. A language is not something you can learn only by reading a few books about it.

You have to learn the meaning of the most important terms by heart. You have to practice and translate various documents from this language to your language in order to really understand its meaning.

The beginning is difficult because in the beginning you ignore everything, but the beginning doesn't last forever. Before you'll know, you'll verify that you are able to translate your dreams and your friends' dreams.

My simplifications are really meaningful. They are not just a few shortcuts.

The dream language is more complicated than a language made only by words because it is symbolic, and it is made only by images. This language also follows a different logic. You must get used to the way the unconscious mind thinks because the unconscious mind is the dream producer.

You have to practice and actually translate many dreams; not only your own dreams, as well as other people's dreams. The dream language is always the same. Once you learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols and the dream logic, you are able to translate anyone's dreams.

This knowledge is more important that your survival.

Your life on Earth has a limited duration. However, you also have a spirit. You should care more about your spirit than about your body.

You should also care about God's existence because you are constantly judged. God is your friend when you obey His guidance and you try to be a good person. However, when you are lazy and indifferent to His lessons, you have to be punished.

God knows that your anti-conscience is controlling your behavior, and this is why you are doing what is negative for you and for your environment. He cannot let you make mistakes without trying to save your mental health.

You must feel sorry for God (who works like a natural psychotherapist) because He is trying to transform you into a wise human being, while you are so imperfect, and you prefer what is bad.

God is your doctor, and also your father. He cares about your destiny. He loves you because you are His child. God gave you a human conscience. You wouldn't be able to think like a human being without this gift. Without the human conscience you receive from God, you would think like a demon all the time.

God cannot let you follow a route that will imprison your conscience into the labyrinth of craziness. He must do everything He can to prevent this tragic end.

If you have many problems in your daily life, this is because you are doing what is bad for you, and being always more controlled by your wild side. God is always more revolved with you because you are passively accepting your anti-conscience's absurdity without offering resistance before its craziness.

God wants to help you and save you from craziness and terror by teaching you the meaning of goodness.

However, He becomes your enemy when you prefer what is bad and you do exactly what your anti-conscience suggests. God is obliged to punish you with diseases and pains. He makes you lose your job. He makes you face constant problems in all matters. God abandons you when He is abandoned.

This means that you should be afraid of God because God cannot ignore your sins.

God is good with you when you are obedient and you wait until you'll be able to receive all the benefits you can have if you'll positively transform your personality. You must be obedient and humble like Saint Mary and Saint Joseph. You must give joy to your divine doctor for being cured from a mental illness, or for preventing a mental illness thanks to your obedience to the divine wisdom.

Pay attention to my example. If I wouldn't obey God's guidance and respect my moral principals, God wouldn't be able to help me prevent schizophrenia. I would completely lose my already partially destroyed human conscience.

Now I believe that you'll pay more attention to my discoveries.

When I was showing you how many benefits you have when you try to be a good person by doing what the unconscious mind shows you in your dreams, you were not really interested on studying the dream language.

When I told you that you must follow the divine guidance in dreams because God suffers with your indifference, you had no intention to precisely obey God's guidance.

However, now that I'm telling you that you had better be afraid of God because He punishes you through many ways when you do what your anti-conscience suggests, I believe that you will understand the seriousness of this matter.

If you betray God because you don't use the human conscience He gave you to fight absurdity and become a wise human being, but you do what your anti-conscience suggests and you become a monster, God is always revolted with you.

You are not responsible for having inherited a satanic conscience, and you are not responsible for your actions when your anti-conscience manages to destroy your human conscience and you commit crimes.

However, you are responsible for your actions when your conscience is still alive, but you prefer what is bad and you do what your ego desires. Your ego is the center of your human conscience, but it is easily manipulated by your evil anti-conscience.

God judges you depending on your attitude before losing your human conscience. You are responsible for preserving the human conscience given to you when you were born. If you'll let Satan destroy your human nature, God won't protect you.

You will be treated like a demon, because you will really be a demon, since your anti-conscience will control your behavior.

Therefore, you won't find peace and happiness, and you won't attain sanctity. Your spirit will suffer forever, without learning the meaning of goodness.

I hope you'll understand that you have only advantages when you obey God's guidance, even if you have to change your plans and suffer for a certain period of time, because you have to accept making a sacrifice. It will surely be better for you to suffer in order to respect your moral principals and save your sanity, than suffering as a victim of craziness, without finding salvation.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Virus of the Mind

A message implanted in the brain is done in such a way that people genuinely believe that it is their original thought or will. The brain can be stimulated by many external media, such as advertisements to purchase goods.

Brain virus can affect the way we live or even induce suicide. Religious beliefs are carefully selected brain viruses.

Throughout history people have committed atrocities in the name of their God.

Strong and weak people infected by the brain virus will react completely differently. Brain virus may use threats, fear, pleasure and other senses and desires in order to achieve and act upon the selected target.

Anti-brain-virus (ABV) is the personal ability to ignore and overcome implanted viruses. Phase I - implant, Phase II - evolve, Phase III - act.

ABV will go into action after it recognizes that a message on which we are about to act is a virus.The defence mechanisms against mind viruses can assist us in changing or eliminating those thoughts which are imposed upon us by the implanted viruses.

Certain memories fade faster than others, possibly depending on our need or willingness to remember or forget.

In early experiments on rats, scientists found a certain enzyme which caused memory to fade more rapidly than usual. This finding suggests the possibility of selectively erasing certain undesired memories. Does it work the other way, too? Can we boost or enhance our memory?

Future research could lead to genetically engineered brain virus, which will enable such memory enhancement.

A spin-off of brain virus is brainwashing, which originated during the Korean War in the 1950s.

Brainwashing is defined as the application of certain techniques, usually coercive, to manipulate or change a person's beliefs, values, perceptions and judgments. Subsequently, it affects the behaviours of that person.

The purpose of brainwashing is usually to change someone's political, personal, or religious opinions and beliefs.

The Chinese used brainwashing methodologies under the Maoist regime. Their aim was to transform individuals with a reactionary imperialist attitude into 'right-thinking' members of the new Chinese social system.

It was largely done in two phases. First, the person's psychic integrity was broken down by dehumanization, and then when they were 'clean' they would go through certain rites.

Cults in general use brainwashing techniques to recruit members into their organization. The 1960s to the 1970s was a decade when mind control theories were applied by religious movements, especially in the USA.

The success of many a totalitarian regime can be explained by the use of brainwashing and mind-controlling techniques.

Brainwashing or mind control theories are researched from neuroscience and social psychology perspectives. The activation of brainwashing can be done by manipulating the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

Project MKULTRA was the code name for a covert, illegal CIA human research programme run by the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence during the 1950s and 1960s.

This project used scientific, medical and psychological methodologies to manipulate individuals' mental states and alter their brain functions.

Diverse and complex combinations of chemicals, drugs, hypnosis, isolation and sexual abuse were used.

A short summary from the New York Times (August 2nd, 1977) is given below:

The C.I.A. leaders were certain the Communists had embarked on a campaign to control men's minds and they were determined to find a defense, setting out in earnest the next year-1950-with Project Bluebird, which evolved into Project Artichoke, then became MK-ULTRA, MK-DELTA.

They wanted to be able to interrogate enemy espionage agents in such a way that neither the agents nor their superiors would know they had been compromised, and they wanted to be able to wipe clean the memories of their own agents after certain missions and, especially, when they were going into retirement.

The evolution of human communication - humans cannot exist without communicating with each other for various purposes.

Different forms of communication are required for everyday life, entertainment and many other areas.

Communication can be verbal, telepathic, musical, use signs or SMS, electronic and other non-electronic means, and use visual and audio signals.

In the prehistoric era, fire, smoke signals, beacons, drums and horns were used.

The mail was introduced about the sixth century BC and pigeons were used to send post from the fifth century BC.

Semaphore, which is a system for communicating by means of visual signals, using towers with blades, was introduced in the fourth century BC and the heliograph, which is a wireless solar telegraph that uses signals based on Morse code and mirrors reflecting flashes of sunlight, was used from 490 BC.

The maritime flag system was introduced about the fifteenth century and signal lamps were used from the nineteenth century, mainly by the navy using Morse code.

The electrical telegraph was in use from 1836 and the telephone, photophone (radio-phone) and the radio were invented in between 1876 and 1896.

The television has been in use since the late 1920s, the videophone from the 1930s, telecommunication using fibre optics since 1964 and computer networking since 1969.

Cellular mobile phones came onto the market in 1981 followed by email and the Internet, and satellite phones have been in use since 1998.

What next?

It is believed that, as the technology improves, these communication devices may become part of our body, rather than an accessory which we carry or wear.

We could become wired organisms and meet each other in a new medium in cyberspace.

About the author: Dr. Giora Ram is an interdisciplinary scientist in physics, mathematics, computer science, and medicine. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Weizmann Institute of Science, and the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith London.

Dr. Giora Ram has published many scientific and philosophical articles and he is the author of five books:
In Hebrew (3): "ADHD - Children of Tomorrow", a co-production with his son about unique treatments for ADHD. "The House on the Hill", poems and love letters. "My Love, My Wife, My Divorcee", mating and dating.
In English (2): "The Hungarian Connection", an autobiographical novel and "Sex and Scientific Philosophy", scientific and philosophical insights observed, analysed and researched by the author.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Educational Goals From The Perspective Of Ego States

Dr. Eric Berne, Dr. Thomas Harris and Muriel James have made the world familiar with the theory that there are four psychological positions one of which each of us takes in any given situation:

I'm Not OK - You're OK.
I'm OK - You're Not OK.
I'm Not OK - You're Not OK.
I'm OK - You're OK.

Did you ever see a Super Man? You may not remember now, but as a child, you knew one. In fact, every child knows a Super Man and that's his dad, who, to him, seems (or at least seemed at one point of time) to be capable of doing anything and everything. It doesn't occur to him that he would be able to do those things just as well, may be a little later, only if he tried of course. This attitude of underrating one's own abilities and wondering at others' capacities is typical of the first position: I'm Not OK - You're OK.

You might have seen the ringmaster in the circus commanding tigers, lions and elephants. He can do that only as long as they don't become aware of their own strength, and, that's not in the normal course of events. They have taken a Not OK position. So do many of us.

You might also have seen people who seem to think they know everything better than others (which really annoys those of us who do!). They are fond of doling out good advice and they do it without being solicited and without considering the feelings of others. Bullies in classrooms have more or less the same nature. This exemplifies the second position: I'm OK - You're Not OK.

The third position: I'm Not OK - You're Not OK, thanks to the Almighty, is relatively rarer. It is the most destructive of all. A man in this position thinks his life is not worth living; nor are the lives of others. Suicides and homicides are often motivated by this psychological position. Hitler notorious for having sparked off World War II and also for the worst-ever holocaust in the history of humankind must have been a victim of this mindset.

The fourth, that is, I'm OK - You're OK, is a psychological position in which a man has discovered not only his own worth but also the value of others. He is in harmony with himself and with the world around him. When we talk about developing the right attitude in life, it may be summed up as this position.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Importance of Psychotherapy - Developing Your Intelligence

I had the intention to publish my first scientific book in the end of 1988 or in the beginning of 1989, but exactly then, the divine unconscious mind showed me that I had to fight craziness. I discovered that the biggest part of the human brain belongs to our anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics and generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

My anti-conscience had already destroyed a big portion of my conscience. I had to show resistance to its attacks to preserve my sanity.

I was obliged to change my plans and study a lot more before being able to finally publish my first scientific book because my discoveries demanded more studies and more solutions.

I have already given you many explanations in my articles, since 2007. You are able to scientifically understand that we are demons because the biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild conscience and we have only a tiny human conscience.

After all my explanations you are not shocked with the truth. Today (2012) you can logically understand that we have inherited a primitive conscience, which became satanic because it is the result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience before God's existence.

God could differentiate Himself from this evil content after discovering the power of goodness. This is why God sends us messages in dreams.

Thanks to my lessons you also know that no matter how absurd and evil you may be, you can be transformed and saved by obeying God's guidance in dreams. It's not your fault to be a descendent of a demoniac creature. This is an inherited content because you can think.

Therefore, today you can accept the fact that you are basically a demon without revolt.

This acceptance is very important because God needs your cooperation in order to transform your wild conscience into a wise conscience, by eliminating the absurdity existent in your brain. Your absurdity cannot be automatically eliminated by God because consciousness is a process that depends on your participation.

Your conscience must understand many things it ignores thanks to your collaboration. You must help God eliminate your satanic nature by being an obedient patient and student.

The satanic origin of the human conscience is a tragic truth, but the fact that I could discover the bitter truth because I obeyed the divine guidance means that now we can stop living in an unbearable hell. Now we know how to put an end to craziness and terror and find peace.

Now we know that there is a psychotherapeutical treatment that works for everyone and is totally free: the dream messages. Everyone has dreams with important messages sent by God. Everyone can understand these messages and solve all problems, without facing tragedies.

Those who become mentally ill are victims of tragedies, and generate tragedies. They are then imprisoned in asylums or in prisons.

This is a barbarous crime against the victims of their anti-conscience's craziness.

The anti-conscience generates tragedies in our lives with the intention to generate a mental illness and control our behavior. The victims of tragedies have a violent behavior because their human conscience was destroyed. They must have the chance to recuperate their human conscience through dream therapy.

They cannot be considered guilty because they were controlled by the primitive side of their conscience when they committed crimes. They were not responsible for their actions because they lost their conscience. The primitive demon they came from acted in the place of their ego.

The anti-conscience pretends to be a human being. However, it is a demon that takes the place of the individual, after destroying his or her human conscience. This is an invisible process for those who observe this individual from outside.

The anti-conscience imitates the behavior of our human conscience in the beginning, trying to be accepted by the criticism of our conscience. Then, it sends us more absurd thoughts, which seem to be logical and helpful, but are based on a false logic. These ideas will surely destroy our lives and our human conscience.
Their inoffensive appearance is a sneaky trick used by the anti-conscience to mislead our ignorant conscience. Even ideas that seem to be based on goodness are in fact absurd because they are based on false goodness. The anti-conscience can easily mislead our conscience because we are superficial and we don't criticize our thoughts.

Through dream translation you'll learn how to discern the absurd thoughts sent to your conscience by your anti-conscience. You'll learn how to eliminate your worst enemy by transforming your anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience.

You have to understand the importance of your psychotherapy in order to save your sanity, and in order to help God stop having to deal with terror. God suffers because we are demons.

God is trying to transform monsters like us into real human beings, but He cannot transform our evil nature into human nature because we don't cooperate with Him. We prefer to be evil. We don't fight absurdity and evilness.

God is more than desperate. He regrets having created our planet with the intention to transform evil monsters into sensitive human beings. However, He needed our company. He was always alone. He needed a world made by wise creatures. This is why He had the idea to create our planet and try to transform our evil and absurd nature into peaceful and wise nature the same way that His nature was transformed.

However, nobody cares about God's pain because nobody really believes in God. Our world is ruled by atheism and materialism.

This is not new. Atheism and materialism characterize most civilizations of our history in all historical times; not only the absurd modern civilization. Only a few civilizations were characterized by real religiosity, and were really peaceful.

We tend to be atheistic and materialistic exactly because we possess a satanic anti-conscience that influences our behavior and tries to destroy our human conscience. This is tragic for us, and tragic for God, who is trying to save us from craziness and terror.

We hate the idea of having to obey God's guidance because of our evil nature. However, our obedience to God's guidance in dreams and in our religion is our salvation. Alone we will never manage to eliminate all the absurdity we have inherited. We indispensably need God's guidance to get rid of our satanic nature and evolve.

Now that the dream language was discovered and clarified, understanding God's guidance is a simple matter. However, it is still a very difficult matter to fight the craziness imposed by our anti-conscience.

You must be serious and understand that you have to indispensably fight the absurdity you have inherited if you want to find peace and happiness in life.

You also have to understand that you have the moral obligation to attain sanctity because this is what God expects from you. God gave you a beautiful planet and many material pleasures to help you pass through a hell that would also have the characteristics of a paradise. God is trying to gradually transform your very violent nature into a peaceful and wise nature, without forcing you to be good.

You have the moral obligation to use the human conscience God gave you in order to help you transform our wild nature into peaceful human nature, without throwing God's gift to the trash. You have to understand the importance of goodness in your life.

You cannot be indifferent to the necessity to pass through psychotherapy because you have to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness. There are numerous difficulties in the process of consciousness because you have to correct the absurd tendencies you have inherited. You are not learning something from the beginning. You have to transform what already is wrong into something positive.

You have to participate of this process because you have to understand what you are doing.

The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within your conscience by sending you absurd thoughts. However, you cannot understand that they are absurd because they are camouflaged in a misleading reasoning system that justifies what is bad based on selfish criteria. In other words, the logic followed by these absurd thoughts seems to be reasonable, while it is based on absurd assumptions.

The anti-conscience is not an irrational animal. It is a very violent animal that can think, and it can also pretend to be human, until it will have the chance to make crimes.

Understanding the absurdity of the anti-conscience's false logic is not a simple matter.

You can be protected from the anti-conscience's absurdity if you'll respect your religion and your moral principals. However, understanding the human intentions and the importance of your moral principals is another very complicated matter.

This is why you need the unconscious guidance in dreams. The divine unconscious mind will give you many lessons, and show you what you have to do to correct your mistakes, and eliminate all the absurdity contained in your brain and psyche.

You have to be humble and understand your position. You must be a good patient and a student. God is your doctor and your spiritual guide. By following God's guidance in dreams you will eliminate your anti-conscience and become more intelligent. You'll use the intelligence of your anti-conscience in a positive way.

When you'll transform your anti-conscience into a positive component of your conscience, you will use all of your wasted brain power.

This means that you have numerous reasons to transform your personality and attain perfection. God is hoping that you may understand this truth, instead of being indifferent to your transformation.

However, you don't want to have the behavior of a saint. You don't want to be a hero. You want to be free and do whatever you may desire based on your one-sided human conscience, without developing it.

You don't want to be a genius. You want to use your brain only to work and make money for your survival. You are glad with your intelligence and you are even proud of it. You don't think you need to make more efforts. You want to have many pleasures in life, without learning how to be a better person. You prefer to live like an animal.

This is why God is desperate, and He regrets having created an entire planet for you. He regrets having transformed a part of your brain into a human conscience with the intention to transform you into a wise person. You are not using His gifts to become the perfect human being you could be.

You have to change your attitude and care about God's pain.

You may be indifferent to your transformation, to your absurdity, and to your destiny, but your evolution is very important for God. You are a very important person for God, even if you are in the position of a beggar.

You have no power to change the world, and God has no power to eliminate your evilness if you are indifferent to His guidance.

However, if God will have your cooperation, He will be able to make many miracles and save the human race thanks to your work and your example. God needs your goodness in order to make miracles. He cannot make miracles alone.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Malthusian Mythology

In 1798, Thomas Malthus published a pamphlet titled An Essay on the Principle of Population, in which he asserted that the burgeoning population of the human race was on the verge of exhausting the abilities of the planet to support them, and that mass starvation was imminent. The population of the world in 1798 was just short of a billion; 210 years later, we have a population of 7 billion and starvation is less severe today than it was in Malthus' England.

Humans display a curious fascination with disaster, which explains rubber-necking at traffic accidents and the popularity of movies such as The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, and in fact any movie featuring exploding cars and lots of people getting shot. This characteristic has often been utilized by people trying to push a particular agenda or ideology. For example, in the 1930s, cast iron cookware manufactures convinced many people that cooking in the newly introduced aluminum cookware would contaminate their food with poisonous aluminum sulfide.

Of course, informed people knew that aluminum is an extremely active metal and that, upon exposure to air, it immediately forms a hard oxide coating. Thus you're not cooking on aluminum, you're cooking on aluminum oxide - an inert compound so hard that we make knife sharpening stones out of it, and incidentally a major component of clay, on which man has been cooking for more than 10,000 years.

After World War II destroyed socialism in Germany and Italy, advocates of international socialism regrouped and rebounded with a barrage of neo-Malthusian propaganda aimed at man's disaster fascination. in the early 1960s, the Club of Rome, a group of world socialists founded in 1958 in Bellagio, Italy under the auspices of David Rockefeller, isolated a two year rapid increase in population growth (which was actually the natural recovery from a drop in population growth in the late 1950s) to "prove" that world population was exploding.

In the 1970s, in the depths of a period of reduced solar radiation, the neo-Malthusian alarmists declared that industrial pollution was driving the earth into a new "ice age." Manufacturing facilities were gleefully shut down across the northern states to conserve gas needed to heat homes, and there was talk of air-dropping tons of carbon black onto the polar and Greenland ice sheets to reverse the effects of man's "reckless damaging of the environment."

When solar radiation increased in the 1980s and the planet warmed again, the neo-Malthusians found a new target - Freon. Freon, it was claimed, destroyed ozone in the atmosphere and hence needed to be banned. The facts that this assertion had never been demonstrated in a laboratory and that ozone, being the result of sun light acting on oxygen, would be immediately recreated by the sun if it were to be destroyed, did not stop the extremists from getting international signatories to the Montreal Protocol, which placed severe stresses on at least three industries that use Freon: urethane foam manufacturing, air conditioning, and medical device sterilization.

"Ah," you may say, "but 'scientists' did find a 'hole' in the ozone over the South Pole." Ah yes, but have you ever asked yourself why such a phenomenon, supposedly caused by humans, should occur over the South Pole where there are no humans? I'll tell you why. One evening in the 1980s, two college professors were sitting in a bar, and they happened to overhear two engineers discussing the fact that a strong south magnetic field deinonizes negative ions. One professor said to the other, "I'll bet there's a thin spot in the ozone over the south pole." The other professor said, "And I'll bet we can get millions of dollars in government grants to go down there and 'study' it."

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, is caused by the north magnetic pole of the earth ionizing gases in the atmosphere; conversely the earth's south magnetic pole deinonizes ions - like ozone. That thin spot in the ozone layer over the south pole has been there for billions of years before man even evolved on this planet. What? Did you think the penguins were using hair spray?

In the 1990s, as the effects of the sun's warming trend began to be felt, we were besieged with alarms of "global warming," caused, curiously enough, by the same industrial pollution that supposedly caused our decent toward another "ice age" in the 1970s. Typically, the alarmists ignored or hid certain cogent facts, such as the fact that as polar ice caps were melting on earth, they were also melting on Mars!

Of course, more than a decade into the twenty-first century, it has become obvious that 'global warming" was a hoax. But why, following collapse after collapse of these false alarms, do their purveyors persist in coming up with new ones? Perhaps Christine Stewart, when she was Canadian Minister of the Environment, said it best: "No matter if the science of global warming is all phony... climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."

Aha! The light dawns. All of these alarms of impending disasters - from the Club of Rome's population explosion through the phosphate and acid rain scares to the "global warming" hoax - are designed to accomplish only one thing: the erosion of Capitalism. There is an international conspiracy, fostered under the aegis of the UN and codified in UN Agenda 21, to redistribute the wealth of the nations who were energetic enough to create it to those who are either too lazy or too ignorant to make their own wealth - an ignorance exemplified by the fact that they consider Capitalism to be the hoarder of wealth, and do not recognize that it is the creator of wealth.

How do we protect ourselves from being taken in by these persistent and insidious attacks against the freedoms and values of America? Your only defense is to educate yourself to the extent that you recognize these threats as nothing more than lies and terrorism, so that the next time the silly little shepherd boy cries "wolf," you can ignore him with impunity.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Theory On Increased Military Suicides Considered

In previous wars, we've had our military war fighters come back and often they had psychological challenges readjusting to society. This is normal, it has been talked about since Roman times in Western culture. It is also been discussed in ancient Chinese and Japanese writing as well. It's no secret, warfare, that is to say real war up close and personal changes a man. The young gung ho soldier running into battle is all about bravado, but their steely eyes once it's done don't lie, their innocence is lost.

We already know this, we don't need more psychologists studying this topic telling us what we already have discovered, and humankind has not changed from that historical record for as far as we can tell in the last 6000+ years; so why would it change now, because our technology has; doubtful?

The RAND Corp recently put out an interesting report in the 4th quarter of 2012 titled; "The War Within - Preventing Military Suicide" by Rajeev Ramchand, Joie Acosta, Rachel Burns, Lisa H Jaycox, and Christopher G. Pernin. The report's introduction discusses combat stress in the theater, prolonged deployments, multiple deployments, etc. and then on the issue of stress it stated;

"This stress can manifest itself in different ways - increased divorce rates, spouse and child abuse, mental distress, substance abuse - but one of the most troubling manifestations is suicide, which is increasing across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The increase in suicides among members of the military has raised concern among policymakers, military leaders, and the population at large."

The report also noted all the military is doing with "state-of-the-art suicide prevention programs" and "prevention science" including robust monitoring. That's all well and good, and it makes sense to get to the bottom of the problem and find a way to prevent it.

However, I have a different theory on all of this, it is a new theory, one you haven't heard before, and I would like to discuss it with you. First of all we know that sand often has in it lots of bacteria. This shouldn't surprise anyone because if you look at sand particles under a microscope you see it is all filled with old organic material. As that old material decays, and since it is high in nutrients and minerals, there is an abundance of bacteria around even with all of the sunlight and UV radiation constantly on it.

These last two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq occurred in regions filled with sand. That bacteria in the sand does have an effect on the human bio system, gene expression, and disease. We already know that people in the Middle East often feel it is their duty to commit suicide through suicide bombings and terrorist attacks. Maybe they've been subjected to this bacteria in the sand all their lives.

Now that we have brought hundreds of thousands of Americans into that theater to fight a war, they are experiencing the same thing now, to a greater degree in previous wars. I'd say this bacteria effect is an enhancement or force-multiplier to the suicide problem and psychological issues of human warfare. There's your new theory, do with it what you will, but don't deny what I've said unless you can empirically prove me wrong. Please consider all this and think on it.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Learn Why Hypocrisy and Terror Are Closely Connected

There is no justice on Earth. Numerous crimes characterize our daily news. However, in our news we also mention the weather conditions. We talk about football and important social events, immediately after talking about terror, wars, corruption, catastrophes, and many other horrors.

We watch the terrible news having dinner.

We are totally indifferent to what we are seeing. We don't feel sad or sorry for those who are dying in the screen.

This happens because we are basically demons with a tiny human conscience, which is insufficient to give us balance.

We are so insensitive that we have the courage to talk about terror (as if it was something that could be ignored) and then, immediately talk about something else totally irrelevant, insignificant, and superficial.

The Importance of God's existence and the importance of His guidance in dreams couldn't be discovered by hypocrites. However, there are only hypocrites on Earth, since everyone is controlled or influenced by their anti-conscience, which is the wild side of the human conscience.

Who would be able to denounce the human absurdity and prove to the world that everyone on Earth is basically mentally ill and needs psychotherapy?

Who would be able to face the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the ridiculous modern civilization (which is totally indifferent to human pain) and prove God's existence?

Our lazy priests?

Or, our proud scientists?

God couldn't find anyone able to transmit to the world His real words without distorting their meaning. Carl Jung was a big exception. He managed to decipher God's words in dreams without distorting their meaning.

However, he was an insensitive scientist who couldn't understand the meaning of sanctity. He didn't have the right attitude. He considered God only as 'a good counselor' for our own conscience, besides discovering that we are deficient from birth.

Jung discovered that only one of our four psychological functions is well-developed in our conscience, and this is why we tend to become neurotic with time. However, he still believed that he should trust our conscience. I had to correct this mistake in my historical time.

I found his work ready. I only completed the missing end.

God decided to prepare a literature writer to discover the bitter truth about the satanic origin of the human conscience because nobody else would be able to have the necessary elasticity to deal with this matter. A writer could become a scientist after studying, and also behave like a nun after remembering the religious lessons she had.

God's existence and the importance of this fact had to be proved to the world by a literature writer and prophet, who would also be a scientist and a nun.

Who else could convince the world that everyone must pay attention to God's existence and obey His guidance, if the world is atheist and everybody hates obedience?

We are merely demons who possess a tiny human conscience given to us by God, who had the patience to give human characteristics to one of our psychological functions. The biggest part of our brain belongs to our absurd and evil anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is Satan. It feels pleasure with terror and it tries to destroy our human conscience through craziness. Its distorted nature is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience.

Fortunately, God could differentiate Himself from the satanic reasoning system of the anti-conscience after discovering the power of goodness. Goodness is sound mental health and wisdom.

God created our planet in order to transform the satanic anti-conscience into a human being. However He couldn't transform the anti-conscience into a perfect human conscience until today.

Satan is too powerful because evilness doesn't depend on efforts and sacrifices, while goodness is based on the acceptance of suffering for the preservation of peace and happiness.

Everything in our world works based on craziness, but this truth is camouflaged by the hypocrisy of irresponsible clowns.

Since all human beings are hypocritical actors, this means that all human beings are clowns. Clowns don't take life seriously. They make fun of what they should modify and correct. Clowns are irresponsible, lazy, and immature. They are coward creatures who avoid assuming their responsibilities. They pretend to be glad, and they are foolish.

You are in great danger if you trust the information you have on TV, and even the information you have in libraries.

The ridiculous mindset of the absurd modern civilization makes you believe that whatever is strange should be considered 'modern'. This mindset justifies craziness as if it was originality and freedom. It makes you believe that you have to simply disregard the importance of what is bad and care only about having material pleasures.

This mindset tells you that only what is material is really real. You are only made by flesh and bone. You are wasting your time if you are trying to find God and understand the meaning of life.

This mindset teaches you that there is no meaning on showing goodness to anyone because everyone is ungrateful and selfish. You should care only about yourself because nobody else will pay attention to your problems.

In a few words, you are induced to behave like a demon from the beginning of your life. The mindset of your barbarous historical time doesn't let you evolve.

I had to discover what exists behind all masks and uncover the truth because someone had to help God stop being the biggest victim of our absurdity.

God is tired. God is dying. God regrets trying to save the human race from craziness and terror because this is impossible.

Human beings are monsters. Human beings prefer to be evil and let their anti-conscience destroy their conscience, instead of fighting absurdity.

Someone had to discover the bitter truth about our satanic origin and about God's despair. God is trying to eliminate our absurdity and our evilness without success during billions of years because we don't cooperate with Him, and our world is a living hell.

Our apathy is not the only obstacle for our evolution. There are more problems preventing us from finding salvation. There are only problems, obstacles, and impossibilities everywhere.

We have created a very dangerous living hell in our planet. However, we don't care about all the terror that exists around us, unless we are victims of terror ourselves.

When I give you scientific lessons I tell you that your anti-conscience can see the content of your conscience, while your tiny human conscience cannot see the content of your anti-conscience. Your anti-conscience is your wild self, which works independently of your human conscience. Your anti-conscience constantly invades your human conscience, trying to impose its absurd ideas to your conscience because it is powerful.

I give you an image of the difference existent between your anti-conscience and your human conscience by telling you that your conscience is only a thin cover, while your basic essence is demoniac. Your human conscience covers your satanic anti-conscience and controls your behavior when you respect your moral principals.

I'm separating both very clearly in my explanations to make you understand their difference. However, your anti-conscience and your conscience are in fact constantly connected. Your personality is composed by numerous different parts.

The conscious cover is constantly absorbed by its satanic essence. You frequently lose your human conscience.

You are more the demon existent within yourself than your own human conscience. However, this is something you cannot perceive. You believe that you are always the same person.

Your anti-conscience and your conscience are mixed together. It's very hard to differentiate one from another.

You are the human being concentrated into the human part of your brain, but you also are your satanic anti-conscience. You have two personalities. Your human personality loves happiness and goodness, but your satanic personality loves terror and despair because it is crazy and it doesn't want to follow psychotherapy.

If you are a hypocritical actor, your anti-conscience has the chance to control your behavior.

You believe that your hypocrisy protects you from the world, but the truth is that your absurd tendency to pretend to be someone totally different from the person you really are (instead of being sincere) is absurd, and generates more absurdity.

Your anti-conscience is crazy because it couldn't solve its existential problems, and it ended up on terror. It was unable to find happiness. It got adapted to terror, and it started feeling pleasure for facing despair. This absurd part of your brain and psyche calms down with terror; and it doesn't want to learn the meaning of goodness.

Everything is even worse because your anti-conscience is very powerful. Its satanic energy provokes accidents, strange and dangerous situations, and a series of misfortunes.

Whenever you feed your ego and you accept to be evil without thinking about the consequences of your actions, you will unavoidably face the tragic consequences of your irresponsible attitude. Various misfortunes will push you towards the labyrinth of craziness, one after another. Misfortunes don't happen by chance. All misfortunes are generated by the satanic energy of the anti-conscience.

This demon does everything it can in order to destroy your human conscience and permanently control your behavior.

If you could understand how dangerous your position really is, you wouldn't believe that you are safe because you seem to be a logical person. You would be afraid of your ignorance and care about following God's guidance without wasting time.

However, you don't take anything really seriously in life. This is why you are punished by God with pain and diseases, besides being also constantly tortured by your anti-conscience.

Your satanic anti-conscience generates psychological problems and difficult life situations with the intention to destroy your capacity to think logically. However, you don't understand that you cannot simply accept being its victim. Besides constantly facing failures and deceptions, you still prefer to be bad.

You understand nothing with your despair. You keep repeating the same mistakes without learning any lesson. You prefer to be idiotic, one-sided, and under-developed. You don't want to learn how to be a good person.

You love hypocrisy. You believe that you are intelligent when you hide your real intentions. You believe that you are smart when you give others a good impression, even though you are false.

You don't understand that instead of being an actor, you should learn how to be sincere, calm, and humble. You don't understand that you are in fact an idiot because you like to mislead the world.

You don't have any freedom. You are a liar always afraid to be discovered, and always worried about covering your lies.

However, everything is even worse because hypocrisy and terror are closely connected. One depends on another.

You have to be a hypocrite if you want to be a murderer. Otherwise, your crimes will be discovered. This is why your anti-conscience makes you have the behavior of a murderer from the beginning of your adult life.

When you accept being a hypocrite, you accept absurdity without criticizing the meaning of your attitude. You are preparing your grave, while believing that you are smart and you'll have many advantages for being a secret actor. You will in fact become an eternal slave of your wild nature, while ignoring your real position.

Instead of being a hypocrite, you must obey God's guidance and follow the evolutionary process that will transform you into a sensitive genius.

If you want to find real love and happiness in life you have to stop being false. If you want to be safe you have to abandon your absurd tendencies and your dangerous habits. You have to be honest. You have to be sincere. Your conscience must be clean.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Theory of Personality Types A, B, C, and D

Both researchers Friedman and Rosenman drew the conclusion that people who exhibited characteristics of type A personalities were more likely to suffer from heart disease. They based their theory on the characteristics that seem to be universal for people who exhibit traits of a type A personality. Traits including but not limited to unnecessary stress, obsession with time management, aggression and hostility.

While this theory has since been disproven it seems to hold some of its accuracy. Researchers now know that stress is a major risk factor for developing heart disease which is typical of the type A personality. However it is also possible for the more laid back personality sub type B to suffer from heart disease. Hence the theory being disproven, but still holding slight merit.

People with type B personalities tend to be less stressed and slower paced than the stressed out type A personality. They tend to be flexible and tolerant individuals and are not overcome with feelings of guilt should they decide to take time to enjoy life.

Over the years the theory of personality has become widely accepted and used as a tool for understanding one's self opposed to a diagnostic tool. In today's day and age personality testing is often used in schools for career testing, by psychologists, in psychology classes, pre employment screenings and self-awareness assessments.

Modern day psychologists have added a personality type C as well as a personality type D into the mix. As researchers begin to find more characteristics that society shares they are now able to add these two new(er) sub types in an attempt to more accurately asses one's personality.

Type C and type D personalities share a lot of the same traits as their 'sister sub types but they seem to take into account more of an emotional aspect than their counterparts.

For instance type C personalities often show similar characteristics to type A people however they are not as obsessed with time management. Type C personalities also have a hard time sharing their emotions are often categorized as emotionally repressed people.

Type D people like routine, they search for security and routine in their daily lives and once they find what their looking for a change in pace or pattern is not likely for these people.

While the theory of personality is no longer used as a diagnostic tool it is still very handy for self assessment. There are many places online you can take personality quizzes to see what personality sub type you fall into. After reading your sub type you can also find careers, relationship and life advice based solely on your personality subtype.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Subliminal Messaging In a Modern World

Subliminal messages have long been discussed, criticised, debated, dismissed.. yet in our modern society there are so many different applications, and despite conflicting evidence for their ability to influence the human mind, still they are used - especially within the media around us.

Before we get into the main areas of subliminal use, it is important to understand what a subliminal message actually is.

Generally by using the term subliminal message we mean a means of transmitting a message beyond the means of conscious human perception, yet still reaching the mind to influence behavior. For example we receive a message without our awareness yet it still has an impact upon the brain.

In truth the definitions are flexible, so lets define them in terms of "soft" and "hard" messages:

    Soft Subliminal - This is where the suggestion is very passive.. where it is just a subtle suggestion such as a provocative or sexual pose, maybe even a play on words, but nothing too technical - a mere hint.
    Hard Subliminal - This is what we really usually mean by the term, where an obvious subliminal technique is used, such as flashing images, hidden text, software, or audio moved to a different sound frequency so it is just out of hearing range.

We will discuss these "hard subliminal" messages in further detail next and show how they are used within our modern media centric world.

Flashing images

This is probably the most common form of subliminal message use. There has been a lot of instances of flashing images within advertisements - trying to prompt the user to buy, or relate favourably to a brand.

This all started with the now infamous research study where text was flashed saying "eat popcorn" or "drink cola"and sales of such items rose. This seemed to capture the imagination of every marketing manager in the country, yet still to this day brands are trying it.

Just recently a major fast food brand, I don't want to mention the name of (ahem, golden arches) was accused of flashing their company logo in the adverts on the food channel in the USA.

Hidden text

This is another common type of subliminal message. The idea is to hide a word in an advertising poster, perhaps make letters out of stems of grass, flowers, or other patterns within the poster.

The idea is to spell a word out - commonly it is "sex", which appeals to the mind, and makes a connection within the brain of the consumer, and hopefully helps the consumer to associate positive feelings towards the brand.

There is also a lot of instances of cartoons, and children's programs including such messages, but this is rumored to often be the work of the designer as a joke rather than directly the intention of the movie house.

Audio messages

Typically when audio is referred to as a subliminal message, it is meant that the voice is either hidden behind the backing music, or that it is moved to a higher sound frequency, often just on the edge of human hearing.

The idea here is that the transmission is still intercepted by the subconscious mind and impacts upon the brain without the conscious mind hearing.

The implications and uses for this type of subliminal embedding are not so much for advertising, but there are reports of musicians implanting suggestions.. sometimes less than savory, in their music. Although this is heavily debated and more often just coincidence of the song sounding similar when played backwards but usually not containing a deliberate hidden message.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Can We Change Human Nature?

What best describes 'human nature'?

In order to describe human nature, it is necessary to first be able to define it.

Definition 1: General conversation
The first definition is the general conversation definition. When someone refers to 'human nature' in a conversation it is usually to describe some form of behaviour that is seen to be common to all humans. In The Naked Ape, Desmond Morris divides his chapters into the headings of sex, rearing, exploration, fighting, feeding and comfort. In a later book, The Human Zoo, Morris adds the chapters of tribes, status, in-groups/out-groups, imprinting and stimulus. Perhaps this is a good place to start - with a list of human behaviours that are common to us all. (Another worthy reference is Human Universals by Donald E. Brown. )

Interestingly, the term 'human nature' would not be used in general conversation to describe uncommon behaviour, for example torture, pillage or rape, or, at the other end of the scale, breaking sporting records, composing as many melodies as Mozart or creating the kind of the work Leonardo da Vinci was responsible for. This would be considered uncommon human behaviour and therefore outside the general conversation definition of 'human nature'.

So it could be concluded that the conversational definition of 'human nature' is one that is around the behaviours that are shared among all humans across culture, and yet are restricted to a sort of normal or average behaviour.

Definition 2: It's academic
The term 'human nature' can also be defined as the full range of needs, values and beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are exhibited by the human species. As we work our way through this list, from needs to behaviours, we pass through different degrees of variant behaviours.

Needs: While it is easy to say that it is human nature to satisfy physiological needs, it is also human nature to satisfy needs that are driven unconsciously by evolution. These could include the need:

• to pass on our genes
• to increase our status
• for shelter
• for social contact
• to create/leave a legacy.

These needs are well described in a number of books on evolutionary psychology, such as The Moral Animal by Robert Wright, Hardwired Humans by Andrew O'Keeffe, and Darwin's Dangerous Idea by Dr Daniel Dennett.

The Epicurean school of Greek philosophy argued well that much of human nature was driven by our need to avoid pain and move towards pleasure. So our human nature is, in part, driven by needs placed upon us by evolution.

The behaviours that result from needs are, by and large, less malleable than others. It is hard to imagine a time when we will not need to eat, reproduce or care for our young. While it is possible to overcome even the need for survival, it would be generally agreed that it is more difficult than overcoming the need for a chocolate biscuit.

Values and beliefs: Values and beliefs are often the product of unconscious messages from the environment. For example, in his book The Geography of Time, Robert Levine shares his experiments and research that suggest a pattern of behaviour based on location. The closer to the equator you live, the slower you will walk and the less likely you are to be aware of the passing of time, while people in temperate zones are more likely to be aware of the passing of time and they are generally more productive. This is a view echoed in Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel. So perhaps the protestant work ethic could not have come from a religion based in the Bahamas.

In his book Free Will, Sam Harris takes this idea - that the context in which we find ourselves has a massive effect on our decisions - even further. He asks: In a cause and effect universe, where is our free will in doing what we want, when what we want is the product of countless prior causes that one cannot inspect and therefore cannot select when making a decision? (I find this both compelling and frightening.)

Harris is quick to add that this is not to be confused with the idea that our choice doesn't matter... it is just that we cannot consciously decide. (This is doing my head in.)

I'm still digesting Sam Harris' argument and how he can say that we do not have free will and yet we can change... and so I will have to get back to you on this one.

Thoughts, feelings and behaviours: These are, perhaps, more malleable to the environment and are often referred to as 'personality'. While it is easy to identify specific human needs, human personality is a little more tricky as the variety of thoughts, feelings and behaviours and their interactions are seemingly countless. Wyatt Woodsmall, in his books Strategies and Metaprograms, lists hundreds of filters that we use when thinking, feeling and behaving. Dr Robert Winston, in a TV series called The Human Mind, casually suggests that there are over 2000 filters to human behaviours. It is no doubt that with this number we can achieve great complexity.

Like the software in a computer, if you combine enough 0s and 1s, you end up with software complex enough to store and retrieve all of human knowledge. Maybe life is binary!

And so to summarise, perhaps human nature could be crudely but neatly represented as a gradual gradient of shifting colours, as the following diagram illustrates:

Behaviours -----------Thoughts/feelings ------------Values/beliefs ------------Needs

To what degree can human nature be changed by the environment?

Can we change?
The question 'Is human nature capable of change?' is one of those 'guilty until proven innocent' arguments. We only need to see evidence of change to know that it is possible.

There are many examples of human nature that we could identify as not having changed, and the listings provided by Desmond Morris and Donald E. Brown would be good places to start. But the fact that these have not changed over millennia could be evidence that they serve us well and not that they cannot be changed. Fortunately, evidence that we are capable of change is quite easy to find.

At the biological level, Dr Norman Doidge (in his book The Brain that Changes Itself ) examines many cases of people being able to overcome severe disabilities through practise, persistence and the reprogramming of their neural circuitry.

At the chemical level, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle explains the role of myelin in creating new habits. This is the chemical that the brain uses to 'insulate' a neural pathway as we practise a new skill. If we overlay this with the work of Dr Daniel Siegel, who discusses the studies that have shown that aerobic activity combined with meditation leads to the development of new neurons, we can see that change is possible at the chemical/biological level.

In his book Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change, Timothy D. Wilson lists many examples of recidivism being dramatically reduced by the introduction of some well-targeted and often counter-intuitive strategies. He offers sufficient evidence that behavioural and cognitive change are possible.

Changing groups
Evidence that we are able to change the behaviour of groups exists in the areas of sociology, economics and history.

To see how values and beliefs can be (and have been) shifted over time, consider the following. If we travelled back to ancient Greece, we would see that the most honoured members of society were its fighting men; it was considered a disgrace for a fighting man to be seen in the market or even to know how to count. But travel forward to modern day United States and the most honoured males are its entrepreneurs. It would be considered a disgrace for these men to not know how to count or how the market works. Fortunately, top white collar criminals like Jeffrey Skilling, Bernard Ebbers and Bernie Madoff didn't try the 'Yeah but if we were in Greece... ' defence.

As well as this, there are a plethora of books that document how people's behaviours in groups have changed. These include:

In sociology:
• Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
• Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein
• The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
• Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
• Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change by Don Edward Beck and Christopher Cowan

In economics:
• The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
• The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford
• Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

In history:
• The Upside of Down - Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilisation by Thomas Homer Dixon
• A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright
• The Rational Optimist - How Prosperity Evolves by Matt Ridley

The complex thing is that many of these books would point to different levers to use when changing human nature. Perhaps there is a project in building a list of 'The Tools of Change'. Actually, that's not bad...

The speed of change
In order to measure change you need either a constant (such as centimetres, grams, litres, days or weeks) or a contrast (before and after). Sometimes change is difficult to observe because:
• it can be glacially slow and the changes take generations to become evident
• it is almost instantaneous and so takes us by surprise
• we have difficulty finding an appropriate measure.

Glacial change: Darwin suggests that no animal's nature is fixed because nature is a process. So if we applied enough evolutionary pressure for a long enough time, we could make a leopard change its spots!

Instant change: One of the myths of change is that it takes time, but this is not always the case. Some change is instantaneous. For example the Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, made two decisions to change his country, and both changes happened in an instant.

• At 5.59am on 8 September 2009, people in Samoa drove on the right-hand side of the road. At 6am they drove on the left.

• On 29 December 2011, citizens of Samoa went to bed; the following morning when they woke up it was 31 December, as the international dateline had been moved.

So perhaps the saying 'Give me a lever long enough... ' can be seen in action here.

Other examples of instant change are very well illustrated in the book Flipnosis - The Art of Split-Second Persuasion by Kevin Dutton. Dutton examines situations where change has occurred within one sentence or one encounter. He analyses both the ethical and the dodgy, and in the process identifies some clear principles that seem to operate around instant change.

Examples of change in popular culture
The Biggest Loser: We all know the format - take people who have a compelling direction (I don't live like this); change their context (take them away from home, family and friends for months); and install new behaviours (diet and exercise).

Cults: These have a compelling message (the world is doomed but if you come with us you will be safe); they appeal to people who have an increased dependency on others (they've just had a downgrade in status, a loss of friends or romance, ideals or dreams); and they change their context (no contact with family or past friends - instead, live on our property, miles from anywhere).

If we accept the definition of human nature to include the needs, values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours of humans, then we can see evidence of change in all of these things by looking into anthropology, evolution, history, economics, psychology, biology and chemistry.

Leading thinking suggests that our genes predispose but do not guarantee us a path in life. Our genes respond and react to input from our environment, and over a period of time this loop between genes and environment evolve the species.

We can change but, as is the case with many things, guiding or controlling this change is a little more complex than we might think.

In Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change, Timothy D. Wilson shows how the intuitive approach to dealing with post-traumatic stress is to have sufferers talk through their experiences. However, evidence suggests that this does not reduce the stress - in fact, the opposite happens. By constantly reliving the stressful event, patients strengthen the neural pathways that are used to recall the incident, making it easier to recall and often leading to embellished memories of events.

In Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert, we learn how the apparent life-changing event of winning a large sum of money, or becoming a quadriplegic, does not change the majority of people's subjective happiness levels.

As well as these, there are a growing number of books that present a similar argument to Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. The suggestion here is that we are oversold the 'genetic talent' story and undersold the stories of persistence, practice and opportunity.

So while it is still difficult with our level of expertise to manage change in a highly predictable way, we do know that the change recipe includes a healthy dose of shaping the environment in which the protagonist needs to exhibit the new values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and/or behaviours. The levers we need to pull to shape the environment include:

• opportunity
• reward and punishment
• practice
• support for assistance
• suggestion from other environmental factors (including written messages)
• surrounding people
• architecture and space.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Cultivate a Discipline From Childhood?

Self-discipline is a vital quality to have if you want to be successful in the things you attempt during life. What we often don't realize, however, is that we learn the skills for self-discipline during childhood. Here are some ways that you can cultivate personal discipline from your childhood experiences.

Take the carrot and stick approach

As a child, you were no doubt rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad behavior. That's not to say you should try to ground yourself - but do mentally set yourself some consequences for certain actions. It seems like a strange suggestion, but many of us have used a swear jar at some point, so it's not at all as strange as it seems.

This is a great tool to use if you're looking for some motivation to complete a certain task - just tell yourself that if you get something done by a certain time, then you can have a treat. Your treat can be just a break, a bar of chocolate, or a night out. It's all about whatever will work to motivate you.

If you have a large project or task that needs completing, you may have something that you plan to buy yourself if you get it done. Or, if you have a weight loss goal, then maybe there's a dress you want to fit into (whether you plan to buy it, or already own it). It could really help you to stick pictures of this object you want around your house. Seeing this motivates you - this is why teachers and parents use reward charts and stickers with young children.

Try and keep unhealthy behaviors and bad habits to a minimum

Just how as a child you were probably only allowed candy as a treat, and under parental supervision, you should limit your caffeine, alcohol and food intake to a sensible and healthy level.

Have a set routine

Children have bed-times for a reason - to get the best out of yourself you need plenty of sleep, and to avoid the stress of rushing around in the morning. You also need to have time to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast. Try and stick to set bed-times and mealtimes and you will be functioning at your very best in no time at all.

Pause, breathe, and let go of your anger

Remember when you fell out with another child at school, and you were forced to shake hands and make friends with them again, even though you didn't want to? Although it may have felt pointless at the time because you may have felt that you were simply putting on an act to get a teacher off your case, going through this process probably allowed your anger to dissipate.

There's no need to go and bear hug someone you're angry with, but it may be better just to decide to let it go, or if there's an issue that needs addressing then give yourself some time to calm down before you try to talk to them. Otherwise, you may just end up shouting, and that's no good for anyone. Once the issue has been dealt with, it's time to forgive and forget.

Try, try, and try again

When you're growing up, there are plenty of things that you can't do first time. Think about a toddler first learning to walk, and then a child learning to read, and ride a bike. These things take time, practice and perseverance. If you give up as soon as you can't do something or find it too difficult, then you won't get very far.

Read and learn

Think of a child's natural inquisitive nature, and how much they learn from their own curiosity. Recreate this in adulthood - soak up as much knowledge as you can. Not only will it make you feel good about yourself and therefore help you perform better in your daily life, it will help you to reach the top of your game.

If you need to study something but it seems rather boring, then just try to see it as the opportunity of learning something new, that could prove to be useful at some point in the future.

Be punctual and conscientious

These are skills that you will learn during your school years, and hopefully had perfected by your mid-teens. Think about having to turn up to classes on time, meet deadlines and get every assignment up to the best standard that you can make it - then apply these principles to every aspect of your adult life.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Definitively Solve Your Psychological Problems

You want to be happy and achieve all your goals. However, nothing is simple. You don't learn how to live well at school. Your parents don't give you the right directions. You live in a crazy world.

Your options in life are limited by numerous factors. Thus, you are blocked. There are many discouraging points in your life, and nothing is helping you find peace, sound mental health, and self-confidence.

I will show you exactly what to do in order to find free psychotherapy in your own dreams, without going anywhere or paying anything to your doctor. You only have to learn the meaning of the dream language based on Carl Jung's discoveries and on my discoveries after continuing his research.

I give you clear guidance in simple terms. Learning the dream language is not a problem.

Carl Jung discovered that our dreams are produced by the unconscious mind. He learned how to cure invincible mental illnesses thanks to the unconscious guidance in dreams. I completed his research, discovering the unconscious sanctity. I teach you how to easily solve your psychological problems by trusting the divine wisdom.

Jung did the most complicated part of the research. I simply completed the missing end.

Today you can learn how to completely and definitively eliminate your psychological problems through dream therapy in a very short period of time. If you'll be a good student and an obedient patient, the divine unconscious mind will help you overcome all your psychological problems forever in a period of time that depends on various details and varies from case to case, but usually takes from six months to one year.

You can transform your personality and stop having fears, negative feelings, absurd thoughts, and many other unpleasant or unbearable sensations only by following the guidance of the unconscious mind in your own dreams. This is true; it was already successfully tested during two generations.

One year is a short period of time, and you will definitively get rid of all problems forever; not only for a while. You can be transformed even earlier if you'll be serious. Depression and neurosis are cured in around 8 months of psychotherapy.

You can overcome all your psychological problems and become a self-confident person in a very short period of time if you'll compare the unconscious treatment to the long treatments (that in fact never end) of most psychotherapists.

These treatments never eliminate the roots of absurdity from your brain and psyche. Only the unconscious treatment is perfect.

Carl Jung was a genius. He was my doctor when I was young. When I looked for psychotherapy through dream interpretation I suffered from a severe neurosis, which already had characteristics of schizophrenia.

I live in Greece, even though I'm Brazilian. I read Carl Jung's books (written in the Greek language) many times until I could completely understand his method of dream interpretation. I also had to study many other scientific subjects because I needed many answers. This means that I had to get used to the scientific terms I found in these books, looking for their meaning in the dictionary, besides having to learn the meaning of many complicated Greek words.

At that time (1984) the internet didn't exist yet and all dictionaries existed only in books. Using the dictionary just to find the meaning of a single word was not a simple matter. I had to open the dictionary, and search for the right page. I also had to go to libraries in order to look for information that I couldn't find in book stores. At that time everything was complicated.

This was the beginning of my long journey. I couldn't imagine where I would arrive in the end.

I was only 23-years-old at that time. The end of this long journey happened only in 2007, when I could finally publish my conclusions after continuing Carl Jung's research into the unknown region of the human psyche and curing many people through dream translation.

The internet was created for me. I couldn't believe it was real. This was the best way to show to the entire world everything I could discover by obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

Carl Jung was a scientist, and he didn't have a religious attitude. However, the continuation of his research explains the meaning of all religious mysteries. I had to follow a path of spiritual purification and attain sanctity by obeying the divine guidance in dreams.

It is true that there is hell, because we are terrible sinners. We must obey God's guidance if we don't want to end up in craziness and despair.

Our goodness is false. We are hypocritical, selfish, and lazy. We must indispensably transform our personality while we are alive.

There is a hell waiting for all sinners, but there is also a paradise for those who obey God's guidance and learn how to attain sanctity. If you'll respect the divine wisdom, you can escape the tragic destiny of those who never learn how to solve their problems.

We have many psychological problems because our wild nature controls our behavior. We don't want to try to be perfect, even though we want to be admired. We care only about having pleasures in life.

This attitude cannot help anyone achieve any goal.

If you want to find peace and happiness in life, you have to learn how to be balanced. This is something that cannot happen by chance.

The unconscious mind shows you exactly what you have to do. You'll have many warnings when you'll make mistakes, until you'll have the right attitude.

If you keep having dream warnings, this means that you are disobedient, and you cannot go ahead. The divine unconscious mind doesn't accept rush, lack of attention, or indifference to the messages it sends to protect your mental health. You'll have warnings until you'll change your attitude and pay attention to the unconscious guidance.

Dreams about difficult challenges, enemies, spiders, and snakes indicate danger. There are many other variations. Whenever you have bad dreams, you must worry about your attitude. Bad dreams are alarms. You are making mistakes and your anti-conscience is taking advantage of your indifference.

You will understand that you are making mistakes because you trust people you shouldn't trust, you have an immature behavior in many occasions, you are limited by your one-sided psychological type, and many other factors in your life are contributing for the formation of unbearable situations.

You have to get rid of what is negative and generates mental illnesses, and learn how to be wise. Through dream therapy you will learn how to be perfect and cultivate real goodness in your heart.

Goodness is medicine. It cures all mental illnesses. It puts an end to violence. It transforms you into a strong and self-confident person.

You should not desire to be evil or believe that there is anything positive on selfishness, violence, hypocrisy, and greed.

Through dream therapy you'll eliminate what is negative from your brain and psyche, and from your life. You'll understand that your life is very important.

You'll discover what exists behind the apparent reality. You'll learn how to control your behavior. You'll learn how to automatically forgive your enemies. You'll learn how to always respect your moral principals and always defend justice.

You'll become a sensitive, warm, and humble person who is always friendly, and always shows understanding. You'll stop having psychological problems because you'll stop making mistakes.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.