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Deciding Your Destiny Based on The Meaning of Dreams

The meaning of dreams is specific and can be accurately translated thanks to the extraordinary discoveries of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung. He was the only scientist who had the patience to look for the meaning of important images for all civilizations of the world. He could understand the mysterious meaning of the symbolic dream language and the psychology of dreams.

Carl Jung discovered that our dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, a mysterious organ that works like a natural psychotherapist. He concluded that the unconscious mind is God's mind, but he didn't have a religious attitude.

He considered the unconscious mind only as a good counselor for our conscience, even though he discovered that our conscience is one-sided because it works based on one psychological function well-developed and another one half-developed. We don't use the four psychological functions we have at our disposal:

Thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

We must develop our intelligence by developing the psychological functions that are not working in our conscience. This process of mind empowerment is carried on through dream translation. The unconscious mind explains to all dreamers everything about their psychological condition and what they have to do in order to find sound mental health, peace, and happiness.

I continued Jung's research from the point he had stopped. I discovered the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn't perceive because he was a cold scientist. He looked at the meaning of religion with scientific glasses.

I concluded that the ignorant and absurd human being must obey God's guidance in dreams instead of doing what his/her one-sided conscience desires.

I could understand God's revolt with the human race, without believing that God is evil because He is revolted with our evilness. I understood that God doesn't stop being saintly when He punishes us, because we are terrible sinners. God is our father. He cannot be indifferent to our mistakes.

I, who discovered this truth, had to obey God's guidance by staying far from the man I was in love with. I was forbidden to commit adultery. I obeyed this guidance against my will because I understood that I would never find peace and happiness based on my absurd desires.

From this example you can understand that obeying God's guidance is not a simple matter.

Everyone can easily eliminate their wild conscience when they obey God's guidance. However, nobody agrees with this obedience because everyone is a demon. Our demoniac nature is too strong. We are more controlled by our satanic anti-conscience than by our human conscience because we accept what is bad without fighting evilness.

This is why God cannot put an end to craziness, terror, violence, poverty, immorality, cruelty, hypocrisy, and greed.

Everybody believes in God only when they are suffering and they want to ask Him something. They say with faith and respect: "My God, please help me! Please, save me!"

However, when God tells them: "Accept a sacrifice for me, give your money to the poor, abandon your comfort zone, or change your plans", nobody wants to believe that God exists or that they will be punished because they are not doing what God demands from them.

Whenever God demands sacrifices, everybody says "I can't".

Then, they start thinking that perhaps God was created by the human imagination, perhaps nothing has any meaning, perhaps religion is just a fairy tale, and so on.

I had to be an exception and obey God's guidance, without being a coward like everyone in the hypocritical world.

Thanks to my total obedience to the divine guidance in dreams I could discover the anti-conscience, which is the wild side of the human conscience, and has satanic characteristics. The anti-conscience is violent, and feels pleasure with what is bad. It calms down with terror. This is why it is constantly trying to generate terror by generating mental illnesses within our conscience.

The evilness of the anti-conscience is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience by chance, before God's existence. God's conscience once was satanic too because the satanic anti-conscience is the mother of our reasoning system. We inherit this absurd and evil conscience in our brain because without it we cannot think.

This content must be transformed into human content during our lives. In other words, we live in order to learn the meaning of goodness and transform our satanic nature into human nature.

Now that God's existence and the satanic origin of the human conscience were scientifically proved, we will finally put and end to craziness and terror on Earth. These two important scientific discoveries will completely change the world.

Now that everyone can understand the dream language thanks to my simplifications and clarifications, everyone will learn Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation and find salvation. This valuable knowledge will put everyone into contact with God.

God will help everyone find sound mental health, peace, and happiness, and transform our living hell into a place where every individual will have the chance to evolve and attain spiritual perfection.

The meaning of dreams was devaluated by many distortions and suppositions. On the other hand, the materialistic and atheistic mindset of our historical time doesn't let you believe in God's existence.

This situation is gradually changing, but a process of transformation takes time.

You should be intelligent and study the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me today, without waiting for the global recognition of my discoveries. I already showed you that I have many enemies because I represent the end of hypocrisy, and everyone is afraid of the truth. On the other hand, our commercial world works based on competition.

I already told everyone numerous times that the dream language is bread and water for the world. I'm not anyone's competitor because I teach everyone everything I know. Thus, everyone can become a professional dream translator like me and use this knowledge to their advantage.

However, nobody pays attention to my white flag.

You should understand the value of dream therapy today, and start transforming your personality without wasting time.

You'll become a scientist, an inventor, an artist, and a philosopher, and attain higher levels of knowledge. You'll solve all problems based on the unconscious guidance. This knowledge will be your best tool in life.

You only have to study the dream language with the same seriousness you study a foreign language when you have to live in another country. You'll have this precious knowledge for life. You'll use it to solve your personal problems, and you'll also help many other people.

The divine unconscious mind helps you find your perfect match, make good friends, become more intelligent and sensitive, influence others, make money, use all of your brain power, discover the spiritual dimension of your reality, and a lot more.

If you are following my lessons you know that I'm a very serious person. I worked very hard during 19 years before assuring you that you can trust the scientific method of dream interpretation and truly believe in the unconscious guidance.

You can learn the basics about the meaning of dreams thanks to my free lessons online. I give you important lessons because you must be able to evaluate how really helpful the accurate dream translations are in order to trust this method.

However, the dream language is a language like all the other languages made only by words, with the difference that it is made only by images. You have to seriously study this language. A language is not something you can learn only by reading a few books about it.

You have to learn the meaning of the most important terms by heart. You have to practice and translate various documents from this language to your language in order to really understand its meaning.

The beginning is difficult because in the beginning you ignore everything, but the beginning doesn't last forever. Before you'll know, you'll verify that you are able to translate your dreams and your friends' dreams.

My simplifications are really meaningful. They are not just a few shortcuts.

The dream language is more complicated than a language made only by words because it is symbolic, and it is made only by images. This language also follows a different logic. You must get used to the way the unconscious mind thinks because the unconscious mind is the dream producer.

You have to practice and actually translate many dreams; not only your own dreams, as well as other people's dreams. The dream language is always the same. Once you learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols and the dream logic, you are able to translate anyone's dreams.

This knowledge is more important that your survival.

Your life on Earth has a limited duration. However, you also have a spirit. You should care more about your spirit than about your body.

You should also care about God's existence because you are constantly judged. God is your friend when you obey His guidance and you try to be a good person. However, when you are lazy and indifferent to His lessons, you have to be punished.

God knows that your anti-conscience is controlling your behavior, and this is why you are doing what is negative for you and for your environment. He cannot let you make mistakes without trying to save your mental health.

You must feel sorry for God (who works like a natural psychotherapist) because He is trying to transform you into a wise human being, while you are so imperfect, and you prefer what is bad.

God is your doctor, and also your father. He cares about your destiny. He loves you because you are His child. God gave you a human conscience. You wouldn't be able to think like a human being without this gift. Without the human conscience you receive from God, you would think like a demon all the time.

God cannot let you follow a route that will imprison your conscience into the labyrinth of craziness. He must do everything He can to prevent this tragic end.

If you have many problems in your daily life, this is because you are doing what is bad for you, and being always more controlled by your wild side. God is always more revolved with you because you are passively accepting your anti-conscience's absurdity without offering resistance before its craziness.

God wants to help you and save you from craziness and terror by teaching you the meaning of goodness.

However, He becomes your enemy when you prefer what is bad and you do exactly what your anti-conscience suggests. God is obliged to punish you with diseases and pains. He makes you lose your job. He makes you face constant problems in all matters. God abandons you when He is abandoned.

This means that you should be afraid of God because God cannot ignore your sins.

God is good with you when you are obedient and you wait until you'll be able to receive all the benefits you can have if you'll positively transform your personality. You must be obedient and humble like Saint Mary and Saint Joseph. You must give joy to your divine doctor for being cured from a mental illness, or for preventing a mental illness thanks to your obedience to the divine wisdom.

Pay attention to my example. If I wouldn't obey God's guidance and respect my moral principals, God wouldn't be able to help me prevent schizophrenia. I would completely lose my already partially destroyed human conscience.

Now I believe that you'll pay more attention to my discoveries.

When I was showing you how many benefits you have when you try to be a good person by doing what the unconscious mind shows you in your dreams, you were not really interested on studying the dream language.

When I told you that you must follow the divine guidance in dreams because God suffers with your indifference, you had no intention to precisely obey God's guidance.

However, now that I'm telling you that you had better be afraid of God because He punishes you through many ways when you do what your anti-conscience suggests, I believe that you will understand the seriousness of this matter.

If you betray God because you don't use the human conscience He gave you to fight absurdity and become a wise human being, but you do what your anti-conscience suggests and you become a monster, God is always revolted with you.

You are not responsible for having inherited a satanic conscience, and you are not responsible for your actions when your anti-conscience manages to destroy your human conscience and you commit crimes.

However, you are responsible for your actions when your conscience is still alive, but you prefer what is bad and you do what your ego desires. Your ego is the center of your human conscience, but it is easily manipulated by your evil anti-conscience.

God judges you depending on your attitude before losing your human conscience. You are responsible for preserving the human conscience given to you when you were born. If you'll let Satan destroy your human nature, God won't protect you.

You will be treated like a demon, because you will really be a demon, since your anti-conscience will control your behavior.

Therefore, you won't find peace and happiness, and you won't attain sanctity. Your spirit will suffer forever, without learning the meaning of goodness.

I hope you'll understand that you have only advantages when you obey God's guidance, even if you have to change your plans and suffer for a certain period of time, because you have to accept making a sacrifice. It will surely be better for you to suffer in order to respect your moral principals and save your sanity, than suffering as a victim of craziness, without finding salvation.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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