Saturday, September 29, 2012

Educational Goals From The Perspective Of Ego States

Dr. Eric Berne, Dr. Thomas Harris and Muriel James have made the world familiar with the theory that there are four psychological positions one of which each of us takes in any given situation:

I'm Not OK - You're OK.
I'm OK - You're Not OK.
I'm Not OK - You're Not OK.
I'm OK - You're OK.

Did you ever see a Super Man? You may not remember now, but as a child, you knew one. In fact, every child knows a Super Man and that's his dad, who, to him, seems (or at least seemed at one point of time) to be capable of doing anything and everything. It doesn't occur to him that he would be able to do those things just as well, may be a little later, only if he tried of course. This attitude of underrating one's own abilities and wondering at others' capacities is typical of the first position: I'm Not OK - You're OK.

You might have seen the ringmaster in the circus commanding tigers, lions and elephants. He can do that only as long as they don't become aware of their own strength, and, that's not in the normal course of events. They have taken a Not OK position. So do many of us.

You might also have seen people who seem to think they know everything better than others (which really annoys those of us who do!). They are fond of doling out good advice and they do it without being solicited and without considering the feelings of others. Bullies in classrooms have more or less the same nature. This exemplifies the second position: I'm OK - You're Not OK.

The third position: I'm Not OK - You're Not OK, thanks to the Almighty, is relatively rarer. It is the most destructive of all. A man in this position thinks his life is not worth living; nor are the lives of others. Suicides and homicides are often motivated by this psychological position. Hitler notorious for having sparked off World War II and also for the worst-ever holocaust in the history of humankind must have been a victim of this mindset.

The fourth, that is, I'm OK - You're OK, is a psychological position in which a man has discovered not only his own worth but also the value of others. He is in harmony with himself and with the world around him. When we talk about developing the right attitude in life, it may be summed up as this position.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Importance of Psychotherapy - Developing Your Intelligence

I had the intention to publish my first scientific book in the end of 1988 or in the beginning of 1989, but exactly then, the divine unconscious mind showed me that I had to fight craziness. I discovered that the biggest part of the human brain belongs to our anti-conscience, which has satanic characteristics and generates mental illnesses within our conscience.

My anti-conscience had already destroyed a big portion of my conscience. I had to show resistance to its attacks to preserve my sanity.

I was obliged to change my plans and study a lot more before being able to finally publish my first scientific book because my discoveries demanded more studies and more solutions.

I have already given you many explanations in my articles, since 2007. You are able to scientifically understand that we are demons because the biggest part of our brain belongs to our wild conscience and we have only a tiny human conscience.

After all my explanations you are not shocked with the truth. Today (2012) you can logically understand that we have inherited a primitive conscience, which became satanic because it is the result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience before God's existence.

God could differentiate Himself from this evil content after discovering the power of goodness. This is why God sends us messages in dreams.

Thanks to my lessons you also know that no matter how absurd and evil you may be, you can be transformed and saved by obeying God's guidance in dreams. It's not your fault to be a descendent of a demoniac creature. This is an inherited content because you can think.

Therefore, today you can accept the fact that you are basically a demon without revolt.

This acceptance is very important because God needs your cooperation in order to transform your wild conscience into a wise conscience, by eliminating the absurdity existent in your brain. Your absurdity cannot be automatically eliminated by God because consciousness is a process that depends on your participation.

Your conscience must understand many things it ignores thanks to your collaboration. You must help God eliminate your satanic nature by being an obedient patient and student.

The satanic origin of the human conscience is a tragic truth, but the fact that I could discover the bitter truth because I obeyed the divine guidance means that now we can stop living in an unbearable hell. Now we know how to put an end to craziness and terror and find peace.

Now we know that there is a psychotherapeutical treatment that works for everyone and is totally free: the dream messages. Everyone has dreams with important messages sent by God. Everyone can understand these messages and solve all problems, without facing tragedies.

Those who become mentally ill are victims of tragedies, and generate tragedies. They are then imprisoned in asylums or in prisons.

This is a barbarous crime against the victims of their anti-conscience's craziness.

The anti-conscience generates tragedies in our lives with the intention to generate a mental illness and control our behavior. The victims of tragedies have a violent behavior because their human conscience was destroyed. They must have the chance to recuperate their human conscience through dream therapy.

They cannot be considered guilty because they were controlled by the primitive side of their conscience when they committed crimes. They were not responsible for their actions because they lost their conscience. The primitive demon they came from acted in the place of their ego.

The anti-conscience pretends to be a human being. However, it is a demon that takes the place of the individual, after destroying his or her human conscience. This is an invisible process for those who observe this individual from outside.

The anti-conscience imitates the behavior of our human conscience in the beginning, trying to be accepted by the criticism of our conscience. Then, it sends us more absurd thoughts, which seem to be logical and helpful, but are based on a false logic. These ideas will surely destroy our lives and our human conscience.
Their inoffensive appearance is a sneaky trick used by the anti-conscience to mislead our ignorant conscience. Even ideas that seem to be based on goodness are in fact absurd because they are based on false goodness. The anti-conscience can easily mislead our conscience because we are superficial and we don't criticize our thoughts.

Through dream translation you'll learn how to discern the absurd thoughts sent to your conscience by your anti-conscience. You'll learn how to eliminate your worst enemy by transforming your anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience.

You have to understand the importance of your psychotherapy in order to save your sanity, and in order to help God stop having to deal with terror. God suffers because we are demons.

God is trying to transform monsters like us into real human beings, but He cannot transform our evil nature into human nature because we don't cooperate with Him. We prefer to be evil. We don't fight absurdity and evilness.

God is more than desperate. He regrets having created our planet with the intention to transform evil monsters into sensitive human beings. However, He needed our company. He was always alone. He needed a world made by wise creatures. This is why He had the idea to create our planet and try to transform our evil and absurd nature into peaceful and wise nature the same way that His nature was transformed.

However, nobody cares about God's pain because nobody really believes in God. Our world is ruled by atheism and materialism.

This is not new. Atheism and materialism characterize most civilizations of our history in all historical times; not only the absurd modern civilization. Only a few civilizations were characterized by real religiosity, and were really peaceful.

We tend to be atheistic and materialistic exactly because we possess a satanic anti-conscience that influences our behavior and tries to destroy our human conscience. This is tragic for us, and tragic for God, who is trying to save us from craziness and terror.

We hate the idea of having to obey God's guidance because of our evil nature. However, our obedience to God's guidance in dreams and in our religion is our salvation. Alone we will never manage to eliminate all the absurdity we have inherited. We indispensably need God's guidance to get rid of our satanic nature and evolve.

Now that the dream language was discovered and clarified, understanding God's guidance is a simple matter. However, it is still a very difficult matter to fight the craziness imposed by our anti-conscience.

You must be serious and understand that you have to indispensably fight the absurdity you have inherited if you want to find peace and happiness in life.

You also have to understand that you have the moral obligation to attain sanctity because this is what God expects from you. God gave you a beautiful planet and many material pleasures to help you pass through a hell that would also have the characteristics of a paradise. God is trying to gradually transform your very violent nature into a peaceful and wise nature, without forcing you to be good.

You have the moral obligation to use the human conscience God gave you in order to help you transform our wild nature into peaceful human nature, without throwing God's gift to the trash. You have to understand the importance of goodness in your life.

You cannot be indifferent to the necessity to pass through psychotherapy because you have to eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness. There are numerous difficulties in the process of consciousness because you have to correct the absurd tendencies you have inherited. You are not learning something from the beginning. You have to transform what already is wrong into something positive.

You have to participate of this process because you have to understand what you are doing.

The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within your conscience by sending you absurd thoughts. However, you cannot understand that they are absurd because they are camouflaged in a misleading reasoning system that justifies what is bad based on selfish criteria. In other words, the logic followed by these absurd thoughts seems to be reasonable, while it is based on absurd assumptions.

The anti-conscience is not an irrational animal. It is a very violent animal that can think, and it can also pretend to be human, until it will have the chance to make crimes.

Understanding the absurdity of the anti-conscience's false logic is not a simple matter.

You can be protected from the anti-conscience's absurdity if you'll respect your religion and your moral principals. However, understanding the human intentions and the importance of your moral principals is another very complicated matter.

This is why you need the unconscious guidance in dreams. The divine unconscious mind will give you many lessons, and show you what you have to do to correct your mistakes, and eliminate all the absurdity contained in your brain and psyche.

You have to be humble and understand your position. You must be a good patient and a student. God is your doctor and your spiritual guide. By following God's guidance in dreams you will eliminate your anti-conscience and become more intelligent. You'll use the intelligence of your anti-conscience in a positive way.

When you'll transform your anti-conscience into a positive component of your conscience, you will use all of your wasted brain power.

This means that you have numerous reasons to transform your personality and attain perfection. God is hoping that you may understand this truth, instead of being indifferent to your transformation.

However, you don't want to have the behavior of a saint. You don't want to be a hero. You want to be free and do whatever you may desire based on your one-sided human conscience, without developing it.

You don't want to be a genius. You want to use your brain only to work and make money for your survival. You are glad with your intelligence and you are even proud of it. You don't think you need to make more efforts. You want to have many pleasures in life, without learning how to be a better person. You prefer to live like an animal.

This is why God is desperate, and He regrets having created an entire planet for you. He regrets having transformed a part of your brain into a human conscience with the intention to transform you into a wise person. You are not using His gifts to become the perfect human being you could be.

You have to change your attitude and care about God's pain.

You may be indifferent to your transformation, to your absurdity, and to your destiny, but your evolution is very important for God. You are a very important person for God, even if you are in the position of a beggar.

You have no power to change the world, and God has no power to eliminate your evilness if you are indifferent to His guidance.

However, if God will have your cooperation, He will be able to make many miracles and save the human race thanks to your work and your example. God needs your goodness in order to make miracles. He cannot make miracles alone.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Malthusian Mythology

In 1798, Thomas Malthus published a pamphlet titled An Essay on the Principle of Population, in which he asserted that the burgeoning population of the human race was on the verge of exhausting the abilities of the planet to support them, and that mass starvation was imminent. The population of the world in 1798 was just short of a billion; 210 years later, we have a population of 7 billion and starvation is less severe today than it was in Malthus' England.

Humans display a curious fascination with disaster, which explains rubber-necking at traffic accidents and the popularity of movies such as The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, and in fact any movie featuring exploding cars and lots of people getting shot. This characteristic has often been utilized by people trying to push a particular agenda or ideology. For example, in the 1930s, cast iron cookware manufactures convinced many people that cooking in the newly introduced aluminum cookware would contaminate their food with poisonous aluminum sulfide.

Of course, informed people knew that aluminum is an extremely active metal and that, upon exposure to air, it immediately forms a hard oxide coating. Thus you're not cooking on aluminum, you're cooking on aluminum oxide - an inert compound so hard that we make knife sharpening stones out of it, and incidentally a major component of clay, on which man has been cooking for more than 10,000 years.

After World War II destroyed socialism in Germany and Italy, advocates of international socialism regrouped and rebounded with a barrage of neo-Malthusian propaganda aimed at man's disaster fascination. in the early 1960s, the Club of Rome, a group of world socialists founded in 1958 in Bellagio, Italy under the auspices of David Rockefeller, isolated a two year rapid increase in population growth (which was actually the natural recovery from a drop in population growth in the late 1950s) to "prove" that world population was exploding.

In the 1970s, in the depths of a period of reduced solar radiation, the neo-Malthusian alarmists declared that industrial pollution was driving the earth into a new "ice age." Manufacturing facilities were gleefully shut down across the northern states to conserve gas needed to heat homes, and there was talk of air-dropping tons of carbon black onto the polar and Greenland ice sheets to reverse the effects of man's "reckless damaging of the environment."

When solar radiation increased in the 1980s and the planet warmed again, the neo-Malthusians found a new target - Freon. Freon, it was claimed, destroyed ozone in the atmosphere and hence needed to be banned. The facts that this assertion had never been demonstrated in a laboratory and that ozone, being the result of sun light acting on oxygen, would be immediately recreated by the sun if it were to be destroyed, did not stop the extremists from getting international signatories to the Montreal Protocol, which placed severe stresses on at least three industries that use Freon: urethane foam manufacturing, air conditioning, and medical device sterilization.

"Ah," you may say, "but 'scientists' did find a 'hole' in the ozone over the South Pole." Ah yes, but have you ever asked yourself why such a phenomenon, supposedly caused by humans, should occur over the South Pole where there are no humans? I'll tell you why. One evening in the 1980s, two college professors were sitting in a bar, and they happened to overhear two engineers discussing the fact that a strong south magnetic field deinonizes negative ions. One professor said to the other, "I'll bet there's a thin spot in the ozone over the south pole." The other professor said, "And I'll bet we can get millions of dollars in government grants to go down there and 'study' it."

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, is caused by the north magnetic pole of the earth ionizing gases in the atmosphere; conversely the earth's south magnetic pole deinonizes ions - like ozone. That thin spot in the ozone layer over the south pole has been there for billions of years before man even evolved on this planet. What? Did you think the penguins were using hair spray?

In the 1990s, as the effects of the sun's warming trend began to be felt, we were besieged with alarms of "global warming," caused, curiously enough, by the same industrial pollution that supposedly caused our decent toward another "ice age" in the 1970s. Typically, the alarmists ignored or hid certain cogent facts, such as the fact that as polar ice caps were melting on earth, they were also melting on Mars!

Of course, more than a decade into the twenty-first century, it has become obvious that 'global warming" was a hoax. But why, following collapse after collapse of these false alarms, do their purveyors persist in coming up with new ones? Perhaps Christine Stewart, when she was Canadian Minister of the Environment, said it best: "No matter if the science of global warming is all phony... climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."

Aha! The light dawns. All of these alarms of impending disasters - from the Club of Rome's population explosion through the phosphate and acid rain scares to the "global warming" hoax - are designed to accomplish only one thing: the erosion of Capitalism. There is an international conspiracy, fostered under the aegis of the UN and codified in UN Agenda 21, to redistribute the wealth of the nations who were energetic enough to create it to those who are either too lazy or too ignorant to make their own wealth - an ignorance exemplified by the fact that they consider Capitalism to be the hoarder of wealth, and do not recognize that it is the creator of wealth.

How do we protect ourselves from being taken in by these persistent and insidious attacks against the freedoms and values of America? Your only defense is to educate yourself to the extent that you recognize these threats as nothing more than lies and terrorism, so that the next time the silly little shepherd boy cries "wolf," you can ignore him with impunity.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Theory On Increased Military Suicides Considered

In previous wars, we've had our military war fighters come back and often they had psychological challenges readjusting to society. This is normal, it has been talked about since Roman times in Western culture. It is also been discussed in ancient Chinese and Japanese writing as well. It's no secret, warfare, that is to say real war up close and personal changes a man. The young gung ho soldier running into battle is all about bravado, but their steely eyes once it's done don't lie, their innocence is lost.

We already know this, we don't need more psychologists studying this topic telling us what we already have discovered, and humankind has not changed from that historical record for as far as we can tell in the last 6000+ years; so why would it change now, because our technology has; doubtful?

The RAND Corp recently put out an interesting report in the 4th quarter of 2012 titled; "The War Within - Preventing Military Suicide" by Rajeev Ramchand, Joie Acosta, Rachel Burns, Lisa H Jaycox, and Christopher G. Pernin. The report's introduction discusses combat stress in the theater, prolonged deployments, multiple deployments, etc. and then on the issue of stress it stated;

"This stress can manifest itself in different ways - increased divorce rates, spouse and child abuse, mental distress, substance abuse - but one of the most troubling manifestations is suicide, which is increasing across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The increase in suicides among members of the military has raised concern among policymakers, military leaders, and the population at large."

The report also noted all the military is doing with "state-of-the-art suicide prevention programs" and "prevention science" including robust monitoring. That's all well and good, and it makes sense to get to the bottom of the problem and find a way to prevent it.

However, I have a different theory on all of this, it is a new theory, one you haven't heard before, and I would like to discuss it with you. First of all we know that sand often has in it lots of bacteria. This shouldn't surprise anyone because if you look at sand particles under a microscope you see it is all filled with old organic material. As that old material decays, and since it is high in nutrients and minerals, there is an abundance of bacteria around even with all of the sunlight and UV radiation constantly on it.

These last two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq occurred in regions filled with sand. That bacteria in the sand does have an effect on the human bio system, gene expression, and disease. We already know that people in the Middle East often feel it is their duty to commit suicide through suicide bombings and terrorist attacks. Maybe they've been subjected to this bacteria in the sand all their lives.

Now that we have brought hundreds of thousands of Americans into that theater to fight a war, they are experiencing the same thing now, to a greater degree in previous wars. I'd say this bacteria effect is an enhancement or force-multiplier to the suicide problem and psychological issues of human warfare. There's your new theory, do with it what you will, but don't deny what I've said unless you can empirically prove me wrong. Please consider all this and think on it.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Learn Why Hypocrisy and Terror Are Closely Connected

There is no justice on Earth. Numerous crimes characterize our daily news. However, in our news we also mention the weather conditions. We talk about football and important social events, immediately after talking about terror, wars, corruption, catastrophes, and many other horrors.

We watch the terrible news having dinner.

We are totally indifferent to what we are seeing. We don't feel sad or sorry for those who are dying in the screen.

This happens because we are basically demons with a tiny human conscience, which is insufficient to give us balance.

We are so insensitive that we have the courage to talk about terror (as if it was something that could be ignored) and then, immediately talk about something else totally irrelevant, insignificant, and superficial.

The Importance of God's existence and the importance of His guidance in dreams couldn't be discovered by hypocrites. However, there are only hypocrites on Earth, since everyone is controlled or influenced by their anti-conscience, which is the wild side of the human conscience.

Who would be able to denounce the human absurdity and prove to the world that everyone on Earth is basically mentally ill and needs psychotherapy?

Who would be able to face the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the ridiculous modern civilization (which is totally indifferent to human pain) and prove God's existence?

Our lazy priests?

Or, our proud scientists?

God couldn't find anyone able to transmit to the world His real words without distorting their meaning. Carl Jung was a big exception. He managed to decipher God's words in dreams without distorting their meaning.

However, he was an insensitive scientist who couldn't understand the meaning of sanctity. He didn't have the right attitude. He considered God only as 'a good counselor' for our own conscience, besides discovering that we are deficient from birth.

Jung discovered that only one of our four psychological functions is well-developed in our conscience, and this is why we tend to become neurotic with time. However, he still believed that he should trust our conscience. I had to correct this mistake in my historical time.

I found his work ready. I only completed the missing end.

God decided to prepare a literature writer to discover the bitter truth about the satanic origin of the human conscience because nobody else would be able to have the necessary elasticity to deal with this matter. A writer could become a scientist after studying, and also behave like a nun after remembering the religious lessons she had.

God's existence and the importance of this fact had to be proved to the world by a literature writer and prophet, who would also be a scientist and a nun.

Who else could convince the world that everyone must pay attention to God's existence and obey His guidance, if the world is atheist and everybody hates obedience?

We are merely demons who possess a tiny human conscience given to us by God, who had the patience to give human characteristics to one of our psychological functions. The biggest part of our brain belongs to our absurd and evil anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is Satan. It feels pleasure with terror and it tries to destroy our human conscience through craziness. Its distorted nature is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience.

Fortunately, God could differentiate Himself from the satanic reasoning system of the anti-conscience after discovering the power of goodness. Goodness is sound mental health and wisdom.

God created our planet in order to transform the satanic anti-conscience into a human being. However He couldn't transform the anti-conscience into a perfect human conscience until today.

Satan is too powerful because evilness doesn't depend on efforts and sacrifices, while goodness is based on the acceptance of suffering for the preservation of peace and happiness.

Everything in our world works based on craziness, but this truth is camouflaged by the hypocrisy of irresponsible clowns.

Since all human beings are hypocritical actors, this means that all human beings are clowns. Clowns don't take life seriously. They make fun of what they should modify and correct. Clowns are irresponsible, lazy, and immature. They are coward creatures who avoid assuming their responsibilities. They pretend to be glad, and they are foolish.

You are in great danger if you trust the information you have on TV, and even the information you have in libraries.

The ridiculous mindset of the absurd modern civilization makes you believe that whatever is strange should be considered 'modern'. This mindset justifies craziness as if it was originality and freedom. It makes you believe that you have to simply disregard the importance of what is bad and care only about having material pleasures.

This mindset tells you that only what is material is really real. You are only made by flesh and bone. You are wasting your time if you are trying to find God and understand the meaning of life.

This mindset teaches you that there is no meaning on showing goodness to anyone because everyone is ungrateful and selfish. You should care only about yourself because nobody else will pay attention to your problems.

In a few words, you are induced to behave like a demon from the beginning of your life. The mindset of your barbarous historical time doesn't let you evolve.

I had to discover what exists behind all masks and uncover the truth because someone had to help God stop being the biggest victim of our absurdity.

God is tired. God is dying. God regrets trying to save the human race from craziness and terror because this is impossible.

Human beings are monsters. Human beings prefer to be evil and let their anti-conscience destroy their conscience, instead of fighting absurdity.

Someone had to discover the bitter truth about our satanic origin and about God's despair. God is trying to eliminate our absurdity and our evilness without success during billions of years because we don't cooperate with Him, and our world is a living hell.

Our apathy is not the only obstacle for our evolution. There are more problems preventing us from finding salvation. There are only problems, obstacles, and impossibilities everywhere.

We have created a very dangerous living hell in our planet. However, we don't care about all the terror that exists around us, unless we are victims of terror ourselves.

When I give you scientific lessons I tell you that your anti-conscience can see the content of your conscience, while your tiny human conscience cannot see the content of your anti-conscience. Your anti-conscience is your wild self, which works independently of your human conscience. Your anti-conscience constantly invades your human conscience, trying to impose its absurd ideas to your conscience because it is powerful.

I give you an image of the difference existent between your anti-conscience and your human conscience by telling you that your conscience is only a thin cover, while your basic essence is demoniac. Your human conscience covers your satanic anti-conscience and controls your behavior when you respect your moral principals.

I'm separating both very clearly in my explanations to make you understand their difference. However, your anti-conscience and your conscience are in fact constantly connected. Your personality is composed by numerous different parts.

The conscious cover is constantly absorbed by its satanic essence. You frequently lose your human conscience.

You are more the demon existent within yourself than your own human conscience. However, this is something you cannot perceive. You believe that you are always the same person.

Your anti-conscience and your conscience are mixed together. It's very hard to differentiate one from another.

You are the human being concentrated into the human part of your brain, but you also are your satanic anti-conscience. You have two personalities. Your human personality loves happiness and goodness, but your satanic personality loves terror and despair because it is crazy and it doesn't want to follow psychotherapy.

If you are a hypocritical actor, your anti-conscience has the chance to control your behavior.

You believe that your hypocrisy protects you from the world, but the truth is that your absurd tendency to pretend to be someone totally different from the person you really are (instead of being sincere) is absurd, and generates more absurdity.

Your anti-conscience is crazy because it couldn't solve its existential problems, and it ended up on terror. It was unable to find happiness. It got adapted to terror, and it started feeling pleasure for facing despair. This absurd part of your brain and psyche calms down with terror; and it doesn't want to learn the meaning of goodness.

Everything is even worse because your anti-conscience is very powerful. Its satanic energy provokes accidents, strange and dangerous situations, and a series of misfortunes.

Whenever you feed your ego and you accept to be evil without thinking about the consequences of your actions, you will unavoidably face the tragic consequences of your irresponsible attitude. Various misfortunes will push you towards the labyrinth of craziness, one after another. Misfortunes don't happen by chance. All misfortunes are generated by the satanic energy of the anti-conscience.

This demon does everything it can in order to destroy your human conscience and permanently control your behavior.

If you could understand how dangerous your position really is, you wouldn't believe that you are safe because you seem to be a logical person. You would be afraid of your ignorance and care about following God's guidance without wasting time.

However, you don't take anything really seriously in life. This is why you are punished by God with pain and diseases, besides being also constantly tortured by your anti-conscience.

Your satanic anti-conscience generates psychological problems and difficult life situations with the intention to destroy your capacity to think logically. However, you don't understand that you cannot simply accept being its victim. Besides constantly facing failures and deceptions, you still prefer to be bad.

You understand nothing with your despair. You keep repeating the same mistakes without learning any lesson. You prefer to be idiotic, one-sided, and under-developed. You don't want to learn how to be a good person.

You love hypocrisy. You believe that you are intelligent when you hide your real intentions. You believe that you are smart when you give others a good impression, even though you are false.

You don't understand that instead of being an actor, you should learn how to be sincere, calm, and humble. You don't understand that you are in fact an idiot because you like to mislead the world.

You don't have any freedom. You are a liar always afraid to be discovered, and always worried about covering your lies.

However, everything is even worse because hypocrisy and terror are closely connected. One depends on another.

You have to be a hypocrite if you want to be a murderer. Otherwise, your crimes will be discovered. This is why your anti-conscience makes you have the behavior of a murderer from the beginning of your adult life.

When you accept being a hypocrite, you accept absurdity without criticizing the meaning of your attitude. You are preparing your grave, while believing that you are smart and you'll have many advantages for being a secret actor. You will in fact become an eternal slave of your wild nature, while ignoring your real position.

Instead of being a hypocrite, you must obey God's guidance and follow the evolutionary process that will transform you into a sensitive genius.

If you want to find real love and happiness in life you have to stop being false. If you want to be safe you have to abandon your absurd tendencies and your dangerous habits. You have to be honest. You have to be sincere. Your conscience must be clean.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.